REVIEW: Hot Conduit -Hot Under the Collar Book #2- Katherine McIntyre

Hot Conduit Book Cover Hot Conduit
Hot Under the Collar Book #2
Katherine McIntyre
Gay Fiction, Gay Romance Erotica
Feb 6, 2024

Lex can’t stand Theo. Theo thinks Lex is a dick. Except one dating app mishap is about to bring them so much closer together.


I’ve dated every shade of shitty guy imaginable, yet I keep boyfriending them. Mostly because my empty house doesn’t align with the happily-ever-after fantasies I’ve had since I was a kid.

No more.

After my last boyfriend cheated on me, I’m flings only, even if temptation dangles my way. And when Lex shows up to fix my wiring issue, he’s pure temptation—at least until he decides to randomly hate my guts. Luckily, the sexy guy I’m talking to on the CoffeeDates app is the perfect chance for a one-night stand—no drama, no betrayal, and most importantly, no boyfriending.


I avoid rich assholes at all costs. One broken engagement later, I learned they’ll never stick around for blue collar guys like me. Even though Theo flips my switches, the holier-than-thou upper-class attitude is enough that I’m keeping my distance.

Until I find out the guy I’ve been falling hard for over the dating app is none other than Theo.

All that chemistry between us explodes, and one night turns into another and then another.

But he’s not looking for a boyfriend, and I am—and there’s only so long this can last before one of us ends up brokenhearted.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the story of two men, Lex Jones and Theo Erickson, both of whom have had nothing but bad luck and hurt with past relationships and are now looking for sex with no commitment. Theo is still trying to get over his last boyfriend who when he left advised Theo to see a doctor in case, he has an STI, obviously being faithful was not his style.

Lex was engaged only his fiancé decided he wanted someone with money and not a blue-collar worker.

Lex tried running away, a change of scenery a new beginning but it didn’t work, and he came home. Theo has purchased a large house which needs tender loving care and money so when he was having a problem with his electricity his best friend Cole sent Lex. A simple fix and both men were instantly attracted to each other until a handshake would send them into instant hate.

Theo is a germaphobe so shaking hands with Lex and his dirty hands was an absolute no. Unfortunately, Lex took it as an insult like Levi, his ex-making him feel as though he wasn’t good enough. Another man with money, a house and a good career making the blue-collar worker feel inadequate. Hating each other is difficult when they share the same friends and just being near each other causes friction. Theo has no idea what he did to cause Lex to hate him, and Lex had no idea that fear of germs not a high and mighty attitude would make Theo afraid to shake.

Game night with all the friends is a constant strain for Theo, who is much more sensitive than Lex. Desperate to meet someone for a fling since they are both having a dry spell leads them to join a dating service, Coffee Dates. Using fake names, pictures of only chests both men wind up messaging each other. The relationship they have online becomes strong enough that they both reveal personal things about themselves. Lex reveals details of his breakup with his fiancé, growing up with parents who never cared about what he did and the fact that being parents was not the first thing on their agenda.

Theo opened up about his cheating boyfriend and his germaphobia and although neither man was looking for a long-term relationship their online relationship became comforting and everything was right with the world until their first meeting brought the two men who hated each other face to face, how could it be possible for them to have such a trusting relationship online and such a hated relationship in the flesh. When the realization hits them about some of the messages, they received Lex realizes that the handshake was due to Theo’s germaphobia, and Theo understood that Lex’s reaction to the handshake stemmed from what his fiancé did to him.

Since their hatred mellowed out a little, they decided to take advantage of the opportunity to have sex, they were physically attracted to each, Theo loving that Lex is a dominant and Lex loving that Theo is willing to obey him. It sounds like a perfect situation satisfying both of their needs but is it enough to get them to realize they want permanence not flings.

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