Immortal Obsession Book Cover Immortal Obsession
Blood Knight Chronicles, Book 2
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Action, Adventure, Mystery Romance
October 12, 2019

Can his dark legacy protect her...Madison Chase, an American newscaster, is in London to follow a missing girls case. But research leads Madison to the discovery of an enclave of ancient vampires that run the London underground, which puts her in danger.

Christopher St. John has lived for centuries, and can't escape the dark legacy that created him. That legacy also makes him a rogue vampire's worst enemy. His desire for the redhead who digs into the past is forbidden by the oaths he has taken... and as Madison's investigation continues, she must discover if St. John is a trusted Protector--or if she's being seduced by a monster.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the second book in the Blood Knight Chronicles and it is a series that does not have to be read in order. Each book is a stand-alone, but why miss out on a great story? So I would highly recommend not missing one.

Madison Chase is an American Newscaster in London covering the story of four missing American girls. She is also trying to find her twin brother Stewart, a lawyer who also went to London to try to find the girls but who also went looking for vampires. Stewart was obsessed with the idea of vampires existing in London and after searching his laptop she decided to begin with Space a club that according to Stewart was a vampire hangout. It was there she first saw Christopher St. John a mysterious man who totally caught her attention.

Christopher is a Blood Knight, one of seven who drank from a cup that held the blood of their Maker and who voluntarily agreed to be a Protector. The Seven Blood Knights have sworn to protect the innocent a mission that has become more difficult as more and more people are occupying the world and more and more beasts are showing up. He has to find the traitor, one of the Hundred Ancients who is turning people into blood thirsty monsters. Once he finds him he will have to destroy him before the existence of vampires and other paranormals is revealed.

Christopher and Madison are drawn together and he knows what happened to Stewart and that if she continues her search for him it will put her life in danger. He also suspects that there is more to her than just being a mortal. For the first time in centuries he is having feelings that he thought were long dead and it is Madison who is bringing those feelings out. Unfortunately no matter how many times he saves her and tries to get her to stay away from danger she dives head first into trouble. She is determined to find the girls and her brother but she has no idea what monsters are lurking in the dark.

The sexual pull between Madison and Christopher is undeniable and she finds herself wondering if she is falling for a vampire and if they actually exist as her brother believed. The book is full of secrets, betrayals, surprises and romance. The characters are wonderful and the sexual tension between Madison and Christopher is intense.

Love this book and anxiously await the next in the series. Seven Blood Knights and now I have read about two of them so there are five more to go, yeah.





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