REVIEW: In His Sights -Second Sight Book #1- K.C. Wells

In His Sights Book Cover In His Sights
Second Sight Book #1
K.C. Wells
Serial Killer, Psychic Murder Mystery, Bisexual Romance, LGBTQ Fiction
DSP Publications
May 23, 2023

Random letters belong on Scrabble tiles, not dead bodies. But when a demented serial killer targets Boston’s gay population, leaving cryptic messages carved into his victims, lead detective Gary Mitchell has no choice but to play along.

As the body count rises, Gary gets desperate enough to push aside his skepticism and accept the help of a psychic. Dan Porter says he can offer new clues, and Gary needs all the insight into the killer’s mind he can get.

Dan has lived with his gift–sometimes his curse–his entire life. He feels compelled to help, but only if he can keep his involvement secret. Experience has taught him to be cautious of the police and the press, but his growing connection to Gary distracts him from the real danger. As they edge closer to solving the puzzle, Dan finds himself in the killer’s sights…

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Had a chance this week to get a copy of this K.C. Wells book, its was Friday night after work, the kitties were wrapped around each other snuggling, I poured myself a glass of Pinot Noir and sat down to read it. K.C. is not new to me, but it has been a while since I have read one of her books. I may add I am writing this review at 8 am on Saturday morning. First mistake is starting to read a new book on Friday night, second it was a murder mystery, so that’s why I am writing this so early on Saturday morning……..with no sleep…..pardon any typos!

Gary Mitchell is a Lead Detective on a team in Boston. We find them investigating several murders of gay men in their community that has all the looks of a serial killer. We join them at #3. Gary’s past is why he works in the field as he morns the murder years ago of his brother, and then the loss of his parents emotionally dealing with their own grief.

His team is frustrated, and public out cry gets to the higher ups, so their boss mentions Dan Porter, a psychic offering his help. Gary’s team scoffs, but after #4 he feels maybe they need more. This was again very tough for Gary, when his best friend Cory who was found dead. It also was very emotional for the reader knowing their past and having Cory’s interaction in the book with Gary.

Dan is contacted and agrees to come and help. He has certain parameters of needing secrecy of his involvement for his safety. We learn about Dan’s past and psychic abilities, but more intoxicating is the ‘Dream’ he has been having for many years. Meeting Gary and working with the team is bringing out feelings between them more than professional.

The road to solving this was harrowing, the killer, possible copy cats, the danger in the LGBTQ community was substantial. I could not put this book down….I am also thrilled that Book #2 is now sitting on my kindle. I am glad the MC’s have a second book….Their new romance had only just begun and I love them together.

Dan might take that offer to remain on staff, and maybe he can solve who killed Gary’s brother???? I also just would like to add, you can Never go wrong reading a book by this author. Always a great read!

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