REVIEW: Wishborne – CharmD Saga Book #2- Sebastian Black

Wishborne Book Cover Wishborne
CharmD Saga Book #2
Sebastian Black
Magic Romance, Interracial Romance, Multicultural
Dreamspinner Press
Sept 21. 2023

Be careful what you wish for….

When amateur footage of a mage performing a spell goes viral back home, American Pyromancer Blayze Martinez hops on a plane to London. If the world is about to discover the existence of magic, he wants to be as far from the epicenter of that nightmare as possible.

Shy, enormous hunk Dane Peterson can amplify others’ emotions, an ability that takes practice to control. Though he and Blayze come from different worlds, they hit it off. But their casual evening goes sideways when a shared wish at a mage party ends with each of them inside the other’s body—literally.

The body swap is one thing, but the magical skill swap is a potential disaster. While Dane and Blayze work out how to reverse the wish, they have to keep their powers under wraps or risk dooming all of magekind.


Review by Xanthe

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Wishborne follows on a couple of years after Oathsworn, book one of the series. It follows Blayze and Dane, who are looking for a break from life when they meet at a club and though first impressions aren’t the greatest, they end up going to a mage party together.

Two men, who are complete opposites with vastly different powers as well, have the good luck of getting to know each other but then the bad luck of unknowingly making wishes at a party with a Djinn for a DJ. Of course, that doesn’t end well with each man being put into the others body and drama ensues as they face a race against time to try and get it fixed before they end up stuck as they are.

It did actually take me quite a while to warm up to Blayze. He came across as quite the bratty character who thinks he deserves the finer things, even if he can’t afford them and when everything happens with Dane, there are some interesting moments of self-reflection that I think have been a long time coming for him. Dane also has that happen and it makes for an interesting development for both of their characters with what they experience, individually and together. What I found quite weird to read is when they are being intimate together and yet looking at their own bodies. As they both think in the book, it feels fairly narcissistic in the way they are feeling aroused while looking at themselves but also knowing it’s someone else, quite the mind twist. Their connection is something that is slow building through the story as they learn to trust in each other which I found made it feel more natural considering the circumstances of how they came to be in this together.

I enjoyed the character of the Seer, who offered to help them with their predicament. She basically sends them on a quest to get some ingredients necessary to help get what she needs to fix things. Blayze is, of course, very dismissive of her powers until they see the first growth of the flower they are to grow, then he’s all for helping.

There is also the background plot of magical community possibly being revealed to the humans after a video was released of someone bringing lightning to the ground at a fair. The dilemma becomes whether to continue life in secret or to reveal the existence of their race to humans who, let’s be honest, don’t have the greatest track record with those who are different. It’s an interesting aspect for the MCs to discuss as it has the potential to greatly affect the lives of them and across the world.

It’s an interesting story that I enjoyed a little bit more than the first one, though that may be down to the one of the MC’s not stuck in their apartment. The quest makes it interesting and just how different the characters are. It was good to read the growth in Blayze and how close the two grow over the short amount of time given the circumstances.

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