Review: Into the Gray – F.E. Feeley Jr

Into the Gray Book Cover Into the Gray
F.E. Feeley Jr
M/M Romance
March 27, 2019

Life after college is not what Aaron expected. Isn’t he supposed to have what he wants to do figured out by now? David never expected his marriage to be rocky, let alone about to end. How is he supposed to move on from this? December in Detroit is normally unforgiving, but an unexpected blizzard puts David and Aaron on a course toward each other. Despite the frozen ground and battleship gray sky, these men find heat together. It’s intimate and illicit, stretching what was supposed to be a one night stand into something more. Sometimes the touch of a stranger, however forbidden, is just what we need when we enter the gray.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I began following this author when I read his first book Haunting of Timber Manor almost six yrs ago. The Wraiths Series continued with Objects in the Rear View Mirror The promise he showed in that first writing, told me to keep up with him……and I was not wrong!!! This talented young man writes horror like King, writes poetry that slays you and now has written an awesome Novella in Contemporary Romance that leaves you saying….’He writes any genre and does it well!

I quite get the meeting of Aaron and David and it did not seem pushed into sex and then love in what was their story. Fate seemed to shine on them to meet at that time and place…….I love stories like that….It did happen to me….It could happen to anyone.

Aaron was working in a building as a janitor… offices……hiding. David the attorney in the office he was cleaning had just served his wife divorce papers to free himself from the closet he was living in….in a 10 yr marriage….

In Detroit, lots of snow storms closing the city….all aligned to give these two men a chance….

Fred I am proud of you…….I loved this….and will follow you to the moon and back….Keep up the good work.

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