Love Bewitched Book Cover Love Bewitched
Gargoyle Night Guardians, Book 3
Rosalie Redd
Fantasy, Shifter, Romance
Rosalie Redd
June 1, 2020

Be careful of gargoyles who can’t commit…

Wynne’s had enough of tall, dark, brooding males that aren’t interested in her kind of love—the “until death do us part” kind. Attracted to unattainable men, she’s in uncharted territory when not just one, but two males show an interest in her.
One’s a gargoyle with muscles of steel and a deep, sensuous voice to match. The other, a dark, seductive fae with a smirk that can melt panties.

The problem? The men are on opposites sides of a war.
Caught between the two, who will she choose?

A love triangle romance that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

As with the previous books we once again meet up with characters we have read about before this time it is Wynne Becknell, a witch and an appearance by Marco, an enemy that once again does everything in his power to destroy the gargoyles. If you have been reading this series as I have then you know about Wynne did to earn the disapproval of the goddess Rhiannon, if you haven’t started this series then I highly recommend beginning with book one.

Wynne has a big crush on Damian, a gargoyle and another man she knows she cannot have. Damian is one of Rhiannon’s soldiers, gargoyle by day and warrior by night fighting and destroying Gwawls’s dark fae. Damian has always had feelings for Wynne, she is the one the gargoyle’s go to when they are injured, and he can’t help falling for the beautiful, sensitive witch.

Wynne has a birthmark that indicates she will have great power, only so far she has no idea how that power will manifest itself. She has had to live with the fact that thirteen years ago her mother abandoned her, and her sister Sasha and she has to live with the fact that she always chooses the wrong man to love. Her power is something that Gwawl wants and he sends Zain Roldan to get her. Zain like Damian has strong feelings for the little witch, but he has stronger feelings about not falling out of favor with Gwawl.

One fateful night while going home Zain gets Wynne and brings her to the Gwawl locking her magic up with a bracelet only he can remove. Zain shows sides of himself that are not usual for the fae and once again Wynne finds herself falling for the wrong man, the enemy. This is the point in the book when I found myself glued to each page, a point when things happened that left me in absolute shock. I will not go into any detail about what happened to Wynne, who she falls in love with and secrets about her past. I would not say there were surprises because there were shocking surprises that left me re-reading parts of the book to be sure I read it right.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough, romance, sex, violence, surprises and like I said shocking surprises one after the other.

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