Review: Love & Ghosts – Carrie Pulkinen

Love & Ghosts Book Cover Love & Ghosts
Carrie Pulkinen
Paranormal Romance (Ghosts/Psychics)
April 24, 2019

She refuses to believe in ghosts.

He makes a living on their existence.

Love in the Big Easy shouldn't be so hard…

Trying to add some excitement to her life, Emily Rollins accepts a dare to kiss a masked stranger at a charity ball. Fireworks ignite with that simple kiss, and she longs to learn more about the enchanting man. But Emily has lost so much of her heart already…

Succumbing to his charm will turn her world inside out.

Sean LeBlanc is a medium who runs the most popular haunted tour company in New Orleans. When Emily shows up on his ghost tour, with no idea he’s the mystery man from the ball, the long-buried emotions she unearthed in him are rekindled, and he’s convinced he can learn to love again.

The problem is Emily doesn't believe in the supernatural.

Just as Sean begins to open her mind to the existence of spirits and the possibility of love, a mysterious wooden box with a sinister power arrives on Emily's doorstep, threatening her sanity and her life.

If Sean can't convince her ghosts are real, her disbelief will doom them both.

If you like a swoon-worthy hero and the magic of New Orleans, you'll love this steamy, heart-melting romance.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been a year since Emily Rollins lost her sister Jessica, found her boyfriend cheating on her and a year of just living from day to day. When her best friend Trish told her that there was an opening for a Nurse Practitioner in the urgent care clinic she worked at she decided to relocate to New Orleans and try to put some excitement in her life. She even took her friend’s dare and kissed a stranger on the lips with tongue but she never expected that kiss to be as memorable as it was. Although it was a masked ball and she didn’t see his face she knew he ignited something in her but she did nothing but run away.

Sean LeBlanc lost his wife three years ago and has not been with a woman since her lose. He knows he is ready to find someone but it has to be a special someone and the beauty that kissed him at the ball set him on fire. He didn’t have her number although his mother seemed to know exactly who she was and he was leaving it up to fate. Sean owns Crescent City Ghost Tours a very popular tour and he sees ghosts the one thing that if he ever did reconnect with his secret kisser would not bode well for him.

Emily has reason to refuse to believe in ghosts and when she once again runs into Sean it is at one of his tours where she goes about telling him how fake it is and how ridiculous it is for people to believe in ghosts. Of course she had no idea who he was, she didn’t remember him from the ball and she had no idea that the tour group she was ripping apart was his. Again when he wanted to talk to her she ran.

It was only after he got injured and found himself at her urgent care clinic that she finally found out who he was but that was as far as it went. Finally frustrated and feeling he is losing the battle to get to Emily he finally enlists his mother’s help and they finally connect. Sean realizes that Emily does not believe in what he does or the fact that he sees and speaks to ghosts and so he decides to go slow with her. He also knows that she is keeping a secret from him.

It is the delivery of a wooden box that belonged to her sister that would change the dynamic of Sean and Emily’s relationship because something evil is about to enter their lives and it is an evil that could definitely change Emily’s mind about being with a man who believes in ghosts.

A beautiful story, a beautiful romance filled with ghosts, a voodoo priestess, a woman who has shut herself off from the possibility of ghosts and who has never gotten over the death of her sister. She has lived with pain and blame but can the love of a good man open her up to everything around her. New Orleans, psychics, ghosts and a beautiful romance, it was everything I could want in a book.



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