Nightingale: The Apprentice, Volume 6 Book Cover Nightingale: The Apprentice, Volume 6
The Twelve Systems Chronicles
E. G. Manetti
Science Fiction Romance, Space Opera
Buniac Entertainment, LLC
January 22, 2019

With only a season and half left to her bond, Lilian's enemies are becoming desperate, and those who would see her fail seek any infraction, no matter how minor, to deny her bond proof. Haunted by the memory of the Serengeti fallen and her actions in eradicating the Despoilers, Lilian struggles to retain her discipline for the final five months of her apprenticeship. With her actions in the battle of Serengeti proving her valor and loyalty beyond doubt, only the honor proof remains – adherence to the rigid and complex Apprentice Protocol. Although few within Serengeti will challenge her bond proof, throughout the Twelve Systems, those who wagered against her are facing penury and will stop at nothing to keep her from surviving.

With Damocles and Despoilers defeated, Lucius' power with Serengeti and the Third System is uncontested. Determined to advance his ambitions, Lucius lays plans for a triumphant launch of his revolutionary stellar exploration vehicle, the Nightingale. As he prepares to depart for Fortuna, a new threat appears in the form of a charismatic prelate who rouses the populace against Bright Star and Lilian’s role the venture. The prelate will prove but the first among many determined to thwart him through any means, including his notorious apprentice.

When thousands gather on Fortuna for the historical launch of the Nightingale into orbit, Lilian finds herself treading a blade’s edge as she attempts to adhere to the Apprentice Protocol among adversaries who are increasingly desperate and bold. Planned as a celebration of Serengeti achievement, the Fortuna voyage becomes a nightmare where she is faced with deadly opponents intent on her destruction.

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Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This sixth volume in the saga of the Twelve Systems Chronicles is a welcome breather in the non-stop tension of Lillian’s bond. This is definitely a series that must be read in order – so much happens in this space opera tale that you would not know that this book is indeed a respite for our characters without the other books to compare it with. There are still dangers for Lillian, which her patron and lover, Lucius, tries to mitigate as best he can.

Manetti again brings tension and edge of your seat moments to our intrepid heroine. With only months left in her bond term, the enemies of both Lillian and Lucius are becoming desperate, especially those who have bet against Lillian’s survival. The found family of supporters is growing as well though. And the cast of fun and interesting characters have stories of their own.

This continues to be a well crafted and elegantly written story. The “soft” moments between Lillian and Lucius are very welcomed after so many trials and it will be interesting to see how their relationship evolves with the end of the bond term. This is a story I started when the first book was a new release and I am thrilled to follow it until the final tale.





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