Review: Not So Secret Santa – Susan Mac Nicol

Not So Secret Santa Book Cover Not So Secret Santa
Men of London Book 10
Susan Mac Nicol
Romance M/M
Boroughs Publishing Group
December 6, 2018


Leslie Scott couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it...and, this one's a doozy. After years of blissful co-habbing, Leslie plans to ask the love of his life, Oliver Brown, for his hand in marriage. Leslie agrees to help with the Kissmas Drag Stravaganza at his dear friend's nightclub, Club Delish, which is also the site of the impending proposal. Every detail is planned with Swiss watch precision: enjoy the show, bring Oliver back to a private room, seduce him then pop the question. But, as with all things Leslie, his scheme goes tits up. Never one to shy away from drama and public displays of affection, this proposal turns out to be one for the books.

Review by Madison Davis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When I started reading Susan Mac Nicol’s Christmas story about Leslie Scott and his boyfriend, former porn star ‘Nicky Starr’ but current website designer Oliver Brown, I discovered two things: First: it didn’t matter at all Christmas was over, the story could have taken place on ‘groundhog day’ and would still be enjoyable; and second: I found, Leslie Scott was quite a drama queen, and I loved him nevertheless.

Leslie Tiberius Scott is indeed a bit over-dramatic, but I also discovered he loves his boyfriend Oliver to the moon and back, he has sparkling humor, a helpful nature, and a soft golden heart. Oliver Brown seems to be a bit more down-to-earth, not as flitty and flirty as his boyfriend, but very much in love with him.

After three years together, Leslie plans and organizes a surprise for Oliver. He wants to propose. He needs and wants to keep it a secret and still can’t keep his mouth shut. Word travels and Leslie faces all kinds of difficulties and disasters in the weeks prior to the event, but he doesn’t want to give up. When Oliver once mentions that he thinks, marriage isn’t that important, more important are the hearts, emotions, and feelings of two people loving each other, Leslie reveals his little insecurities and his fear Oliver couldn’t like the planned surprise.

I’m not going deeper into the story now, scared I could tell too much.

I found the story written lightly, humorous and entertaining and enjoyed the read very much. Even though I didn’t know the characters before, I still learned to love them.

I wished the book had a couple more paragraphs to introduce the involved couples to readers like me who didn’t know the series before.

I also would have hoped for a bit more information about ‘Bear Growls’ and Chester, but I get a feeling the author might dedicate them their own book.

After a bit of research, I found out that the story of Leslie’s and Oliver’s love started with ‘Suit Yourself,’ book three in the ‘Men Of London’ series. I will read that book because I’m curious how their love story began.

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