REVIEW: A Gathering of Tales- Hermione Lee

Title: A Gathering of Tales Author: Hermione Lee Genre: Teen Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Fairy Tales Publisher: Independent Release Date: August 12, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 168 Source: Amazon After sixteen years of being imprisoned in a tower by Dame Gothel, Rapunzel decides she has had enough. One day at twilight, she climbs down and … Read more

REVIEW :The Fallen Sky – End of Days Edition- 5 Short Stories- Celia McKinley

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New Release REVIEW : Luke Blackmon’s Rose – Mary Patterson Thornburg

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Short Story REVIEW – Prequel : My Abett: Acatalec Series – S.M. McCoy

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REVIEW : Release Day- Kingdom of Acatalec – The Acatalec Series Book #1 – S.M. McCoy

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REVIEW : The First Buds of Spring – Woodlanders Tetralogy #1- Hermione Lee

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REVIEW – Demon Riding Shotgun – A Magicsmith Universe Novel – L.R. Brayden

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REVIEW : Enimnori: Arrival – Jeff Webber

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REVIEW : Eden.2 – Margaret Babcock

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REVIEW : Novella -This Tarnished Light – Laura Strickland

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