REVIEW : Release Day- Kingdom of Acatalec – The Acatalec Series Book #1 – S.M. McCoy

Kingdom of Acatalec Book Cover Kingdom of Acatalec
The Acatalec Series Book #1
S.M. McCoy
Science Fiction, Action Adventure, Romance
The Wild Rose Press
Oct 3, 2022

I work with aliens, my best friends is held hostage, and everyone wants to murder me before the Lord Prince can magically bond to share my power?
If I had known an illegal drone race would lead to murder, kidnapping, and lies, then I might have thought better about the giant prize of credits, and the dream of walking again.
I never met my best friend in person until a drone race gone wrong had both of us vying for our lives against a secret alien society. To make matters worse... my boss was one of them, and I couldn't decide if he was trying to save my life, or the reason I was in trouble to begin with.

Review by Madison Davis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The Kingdom of Acatalec is a story, starting with Tyler Bligh. She works for a company that provides passenger drones throughout the city and is a highly skilled drone pilot. Being as excellent in her job as she is, there’s naturally a bully around. Tyler is a victim of Jessi. When she’s called to her boss’s office, Tyler fears losing her job due to Jessi… Indeed, something is going on, but it has more to do with Tyler’s own illegal activities off work…

What happens after Tyler is confronted by her charismatic boss, is completely unexpected. When she participates in another illegal drone race, Cable Azel supports her… but does he actually do that? Or is the only person she can trust, an opponent?

Tyler fights not only for her best friend, and her sanity, but during the race, she learns to accept her own ancestry, and that she’s far stronger than she thought, considering she has spent her life in a wheelchair since an accident when she was eight years old.

I’m not a big SciFi fan, but the Kingdom of Acatalec caught me off guard. I had no idea I would fall in love with the story and the characters right away, after the first few pages of reading.

Tyler is a strong, a bit controversial personality with an iron will and a tendency to play illegal games with her drone races. I don’t want to tell too much about the story, scared I could spoil the reading fun for other readers… just one more information should be allowed: During that race, organized by a strange set of people Tyler never heard about before, she has no idea, whom she can trust. And indeed, her supporters and opponents seem to change every other page…

The story continues, leaving the reader hooked on the pages, but staying completely in the darkness and that’s how it should be!

When I hit the end of the story, which was a mixture of a breather as well as a cliffhanger, I knew I will have to read the next book – and the next. I want to know what will happen to Tyler next! And I hope it won’t take too long!

What a phenomenal book! Recommendable to every SciFi/Fantasy Fan! Well done! I’m enthusiastic!

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