REVIEW: Novella- My Name On Your Lips -Pine Ridge Universe- S.C. Principale

My Name On Your Lips Book Cover My Name On Your Lips
Pine Ridge Universe
S.C. Principale
Fantasy Romance, Demons & Devils
August 15, 2023

Jan Stilz has a curse on his family. It’s preventing him from hearing the sweetest sound in the world… his name on the lips of the woman he loves.

Jan has given up on love. It’s hard when a family curse identifies your one true love—and then won’t let you introduce yourself.

Diana needs a place to hide, and cozy Pine Ridge seems perfect. Not only can she restart her life in safety, but she might even have a chance at a real future with a wonderful man who appreciates her.

When Diana learns that magic and mayhem lurk under the surface of this sleepy little town, will she turn her back on her mysterious suitor, or will she be brave enough to risk everything for love?

Enjoy this contemporary retelling of Rumplestilskin, complete with a twist of spice and a happily ever after!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

A retelling of the story of Rumplestilskin and my favorite. We finally know what happened and the curse that present day Jan Stilz is facing, finding his love only to be unable to reveal his name unless she guesses, sound familiar. Jan has given up finding the love of his life, how do you start a relationship when she can’t hear or read his name and he can’t reveal it. I won’t reveal the full story of this curse because it is something you must read for yourself.

Diana had finally left her abusive boyfriend, even though he never hit her there are all ways for a person to be abusive and she feared that hitting was going to eventually happen. With little money, and no car she ends up in Pine Ridge, New York. Pine Ridge Universe should be familiar to those who have been a fan of Ms. Prinicipale and her books. If not, it is not too late to start, and I highly recommend doing so.

Diana gets a waitressing job at The Pine Loft restaurant where she meets Jon who instantly realizes that she is the “one” but when she is introduced, she hears everything but his name. Jan must come up with something, so he says his nickname is Sleepy. It was obvious that his brain was not fully awake since he could have said John, Jack anything but Sleepy.

Diana convinces herself that a name is not important, the person is. Unfortunately, she is about to discover the Pine Ridge secret, it is inhabited by many supernaturals, vampires, minotaur and Jan a mischievous Poppart. It has been a long time since Diana received the kind of attention Jan is showering her with, but he still has secrets. Of course, the fact that gold appears in his hands is such a plus.

I loved this story, and it has been years since I read any version of Rumplestilskin and I am so happy I received this book to review because Grimm’s tale is dark and this one is light.

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