RELEASE DAY – REVIEW: Angel Unleashed:-Blood Knight Chronicles # 5- Linda Thomas- Sundstrom

Angel Unleashed Book Cover Angel Unleashed
Blood Knight Chronicles # 5
Linda Thomas- Sundstrom
Paranormal Angel Romance, Paranormal Vampire Romance, Paranormal Romance
GothicScapes Publishing
Sept 15, 2023

A fine line between vengeance and desire...

A damaged angel and an immortal Blood Knight. The heavens would shudder if they weren’t already, and if anyone up there was watching this play out.

Immortal Blood Knight Rhys de Troyes is watching over London's streets. But the ethereal beauty who just arrived in London captures his interest. Avery Arcadia Quinn has secrets Rhys will have to unravel if he is to protect his territory... and hide his desire for the unusual newcomer.

A grounded angel, Avery seeks to recover the wings stolen from her centuries ago when the Knights were created. She swore vengeance, but her burning connection with Rhys threatens to conquer her anger, her mission... and even her vow to destroy him.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another wonderful addition to an amazing series and this time the Blood Knight is Rhys de Troyes and the love he finds but may not be able to keep.

Rhys is immortal and spends his nights protecting humans from the monsters that they have no idea exist. One night he senses an Other but doesn’t believe it is evil. His curiosity is awakened, and he finds himself looking in a tattoo parlor window where he sees a woman whose back is too him and who he wants to know more about, who is she and why was he drawn to her.

Avery Quinn has come to the parlor for a tattoo to cover the deep scars that once contained her wings, wings that were cut out of her. She has spent centuries in pursuit of her wings and in that time, she has lost all color, hair is white, skin is white even her blood is white and if she is not reunited with her wings, she fades into nothing. She is aware of the Blood Knight that is looking at her, the blood knight she has never been able to forget and who she desires. From the time he was made into a Blood Knight she was witness to everything that happened and suffered for it.

Rhys feels there is a connection with Avery but has no idea how deep that connection really is. He instantly feels a need to protect her even though she has enormous powers equal to or better than his.

With a lot of prompting, he finally gets her to agree to allow him to help in her pursuit of her missing wings. She questions why of all the Blood Knights the one she cares for is the one that showed up. From her time at Castle Broceliande where everything began, her suffering and the making of the Seven Blood Knights, she has been on a quest and doesn’t trust easily.

She has been seeking her wings in addition to revenge against the Blood Knights and their Makers but meeting Rhys she realizes that her hatred is unfounded. With Rhys and her together they can overcome all the monsters who try to stop them from their quest and good overcomes evil each time. As an angel Avery was sent on a quest of her own, finding the Holy Grail and returning it to Heaven but she finally feels it is close and has high hopes of finally succeeding in her quests after so long.

Rhys and Avery can’t keep away from each other even though Rhys knows that once she finds the Grail and her wings, she will leave him forever. It was the quest for the Holy Grail that was responsible for the Blood Knights and the loss of her wings, but she needs to find them both. Vampires and Shades keep coming and Rhys and Avery keep turning them to ash. Centuries ago, Avery first met Rhys when he was known as Perceval, but she refuses to reveal everything that happened in the Castle and after a while she begins to reveal little by little, but Rhys wants more.

This was a book I couldn’t put down. Lies, betrayals, secrets, surprises and violence I couldn’t stop reading until I got all the answers. The answers are all revealed, and some were shocking. The one word that I would say about this book is WOW. The books are all stand-alone, but I highly recommend reading them all in order they are too good to leave unread.

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