RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Haunted Hearts- Monster Brides Romance- S.C. Principale

Haunted Hearts Book Cover Haunted Hearts
A Monster Brides Romance
Ghost Romance, Paranormal Ghost Romance, Fantasy Romance, Release day
Sept 15, 2023

Take one grumpy millionaire determined to shut himself away from the rest of the world.

Add one lonely ghost who’s thrilled to have company.

What do you get?

The worst stand-off the supernatural-friendly town of Pine Ridge has ever seen—and a grumpy- sunshine romance that no one expected.

Wesley Creighton had it all—and it all backfired. Now, the Wall Street Wonder Kid has nothing but millions, a bad attitude, and a permanently damaged heart. Shutting himself away in a country mansion where he can be miserable and alone seems like the perfect ironic ending to a life that was too good to last.

Wesley buys White Pines, an estate in secluded Pine Ridge, intending to lock the doors and throw away the key. But the real estate agent failed to mention that the property came with a sitting tenant… well, a floating tenant. Gloria White, once a notorious heiress and now a beautiful ghost, haunts the halls of White Pines. Even a century after her tragic death, she remains the afterlife of the party.

Gloria won’t leave without a fight. Wesley won’t go now that he’s invested.

When these two begin to battle for control of White Pines, they discover they have much more in common than just stubbornness. Could Wesley and Gloria be meant for one another—even though they’re separated by death and time?

In this ghostly paranormal romance, you’ll find:

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Wesley Creighton owns a billion-dollar company, millions in the bank and a man who had no friends, nor relationships and the result was almost dying from a major cardiac event. Now he has been given strict instructions on how to care for himself or the next event would be his last. He must retire, no alcohol, no lifting heavy objects, no stress and even sex had rules attached.

Wes has decided to move to a small town and buy a huge house. The problem with the house is that the bank controls it, so he just bought the bank and now the house. White Pines belongs to the White family and has been maintained by the bank, the problem is that Gloria White, a ghost still lives in the house. One hundred and twenty-three years ago Gloria was murdered during her birthday ball. It took years before she finally was able to adjust to being dead and it took many of the other supernaturals in town to discover her and befriend her.

Gloria belongs to a book club, her friends visit, town events are held at her estate and except for one day out of the year, the day she was murdered, everything is wonderful. On that day she relives her murder and her being pushed off the balcony. She wants desperately to find out all the details of that day but still is in the dark. Now she must deal with the fact that a man has bought her house, and she is determined to scare him away.

Wes is unfamiliar with many of the occupants of the town, but human or not he has no desire to befriend anyone. Gloria is outraged when not only did Wes buy her house, but he also took her bedroom. Her plan to scare him has not worked so she is ready for war, and she becomes solid, so Wesley sees her and, yes, his heart goes crazy, and he is rushed to the hospital. Gloria never wanted to hurt him and was unaware of his heart issue but now he knows he is sharing his home with a ghost.

A battle between Gloria and Wes begins and he learns to compromise. For cleaning, caring for the garden and anything he would have to pay for he agrees to allow certain events to take place, too bad he doesn’t know that the people doing these chores are supernaturals, what would take hours takes them no time at all.

As Wes spends time with Gloria, he begins to care for her, and his usual grumpy attitude begins to change. A man who when he was well treated people abominably, his view was I pay them good money, so he doesn’t have to be courteous or kind. Little by little Gloria is changing him. Gloria was born in a time where girls were innocent, now with the internet and reading sexy books she has learned a lot but knows that there is no chance of her ever-finding love. She feels things with Wes she never felt when she was alive, and she wants to finally put what she has read about into practice.

I am not going to reveal what happens between the grumpy millionaire and the ghost, but I guarantee if you read this book, you won’t be sorry. There are many other books that are part of the Pine Ridge Universe and many more wonderful romances. Each book is a standalone, but we do catch up on the many characters we met previously. In this book we are treated to many of the past couple’s weddings, won’t reveal who but know that when you read the other books you will discover what they are up to.

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