REVIEW: Soul Masters- The Hunting Grounds- K.R. Gastreich

Title: Soul Masters Series: The Hunting Grounds Author: K.R. Gastreich Genre: Ghost Romance, Werewolves and Shifters, Romance Publisher: Wild Rose Press Release Date: Feb 7, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 320 Source: Amazon On a hike through the forest, Mayela stumbles into a terrifying world where immortals hunt souls. To survive she secures protection from a … Read more

RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Novella- Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker – Edward Kendrick

Title: NOVELLA -Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker Author: Edward Kendrick Genre: Paranormal Ghost Romance, Gay Romance, Murder Mystery Publisher: JMS Books Release Date: October 28, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 127 Source: Amazon Darik Wilson was normal young man in college until the day he stumbled across a man’s body in a local park. When he touched … Read more

REVIEW: Novella- Timeslip- Roxanne’s Ghost Book #1- Maggie Tideswell

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RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Haunted Hearts- Monster Brides Romance- S.C. Principale

Title: Haunted Hearts Series: A Monster Brides Romance Author: S.C.Principale Genre: Ghost Romance, Paranormal Ghost Romance, Fantasy Romance, Release day Publisher: Independent Release Date: Sept 15, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 333 Source: Amazon Take one grumpy millionaire determined to shut himself away from the rest of the world. Add one lonely ghost who’s thrilled to … Read more

REVIEW : Love To Hate You – The Haunting Of Room 13 Book #1- Maggie Tideswell

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RELEASE DAY-REVIEW:The Extraordinary Locket of Elijah Gray-Carnival of Mysteries Book#8– Kayleigh Sky

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New Release REVIEW : Rattling Bone – OutFoxing the Paranormal Book #2- Jordan L Hawk

Title: Rattling Bone Series: OutFoxing the Paranormal Book #2 Author: Jordan L Hawk Genre: Paranormal Ghost Romance, Ghost Hunters, Gay Romance Publisher: Independent Release Date: March 17, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 199 Source: Amazon Some secrets won’t stay buried. Oscar Fox grew up suppressing his psychic gifts. Now he and his ghost-hunting team, including his … Read more