REVIEW : Love To Hate You – The Haunting Of Room 13 Book #1- Maggie Tideswell

Love To Hate You Book Cover Love To Hate You
The Haunting Of Room 13 Book #1
Maggie Tideswell
Paranormal Romance, Gothic Romance, Paranormal Ghost Romance
June 16, 2023

Can ghosts fix people’s love lives when they can’t even cross over?

The Enchanted Dreams Manor is special. Ghosts run it.

Not that the guests are aware of this. At least, not until it is too late.

Piper arrives at the manor in the middle of nowhere for her sister’s Gothic themed wedding. Eloise must have lost her mind. The venue isn’t idyllic or dreamy; it’s spooky and looks like it belongs in a horror movie.

Yet the maid of honor soon finds out she has bigger problems than a creepy hotel with questionable staff and no electricity. The bane of her teenage years, Marcus, is the groom’s best man.

Piper is going to kill Eloise for keeping that from her. What was her sister thinking?

To hell with the silly tradition that the best man and the maid of honor will be the next blissful couple. Now that they are both older, she’s not going to fall victim to any idiotic prank he might have up his sleeve. No matter how sinfully attractive and charming he has become.

When strange events start to happen at the manor, Piper immediately suspects Marcus. But when she realizes that something more sinister is at play, she has to accept his help.

If escaping ghosts is already a challenge, keeping the hot best man at arm’s length becomes an impossible task when she realizes the growing attraction between them.

Can Piper let bygones be bygones and give Marcus a second chance in this enemies-to-lovers romance?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Piper is the maid of honor at her sister Eloise’s wedding. The wedding is being held in Enchanted Dreams Manor with a gothic theme. Piper can’t understand her sister’s choice of venue since the place is spooky and worries about whether the marriage will be long term since they have known each other for a total of two months. All that concern vanishes when she discovers who the best man is, Marcus the bane of her childhood whose pranks drove her to hate him.

The entire wedding from start to finish is Marcus trying to convince Piper after not seeing her for seven years that she is the only girl for him. He also proposes and has a gorgeous ring but in Piper’s mind when will he pull the prank she knows is coming. Try as he will Marcus cannot convince Piper that there is not going to be a prank and he does want to marry her as soon as possible.

Piper and Marcus lived next door to each other, so she was the constant victim of his pranks. Although he never hurt her, she was always embarrassed and always scared of being in his presence. Now after all that happened in the past how is she just going to put it aside and decide to believe him.

The entire book is Marcus’ attempt at getting Piper to accept he is changed and has always loved her while Piper refuses to accept he is not waiting to pull the prank of pranks. The manor is creepy, and Piper keeps seeing shadows. She knows that this is not a normal place, and it is confirmed when she sees what appears to be a ghost exiting her room and writing on the bathroom mirror.

Scared and afraid of being alone, Piper accepts Marcus’ suggestion that he stay in her room till morning, a suggestion she readily accepts. She contemplates the idea of having a night of sex with Marcus, one night not forever how could it hurt.

The problem I had with the book was that it was entirely based on Marcus’ desire to prove he has changed and Piper’s refusal to accept he changed. Piper, I found to be stubborn and refusing to believe after seven years that Marcus could be a changed man. I can understand not believing a man would suddenly profess his love after not being in contact with her for years but still after a while it just became the same old same old story.

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