REVIEW: Portals and Puppy Dogs (Dreamspun Beyond Book 43) – Amy Lane

Portals and Puppy Dogs (Dreampun Beyond Book 43) Book Cover Portals and Puppy Dogs (Dreampun Beyond Book 43)
Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club: Book Two
Amy Lane
LGBT Paranormal Romance-Witches and Wizards
Dreamspinner Press
February 16, 2021

Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club: Book Two

Sometimes love is flashier than magic.


On the surface, Alex Kennedy is unremarkable: average looks, boring accounting job, predictable crush on his handsome playboy boss, Simon Reddick.


But he’s also a witch.


Business powerhouse Simon goes for flash and glamour… most of the time. But something about Alex makes Simon wonder what’s underneath that sweet, gentle exterior.


Alex could probably dance around their attraction forever… if not for the spell gone wrong tearing apart his haunted cul-de-sac. When a portal through time and space swallows the dog he’s petsitting, only for the pampered pooch to appear in the next instant on Simon’s doorstep, Alex and Simon must confront not only the rogue magic trying to take over Alex’s coven, but the long-buried passion they’ve been harboring for each other.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the second book in the series, and picks up where Shortbread and Shadows left off. It does focus on a different pair of main characters while including the original cast of characters and overall story arc of the series. This is a fun, magic story about a group of friends who messed up a spell by not being honest about their heart’s desire. The focus of this one is Alex Kennedy and Simon Reddick, who are the definition of substance vs. style-at least on the surface.


I love how Amy Lane’s characters are so multi-faceted. They may seem one way, but as we get to know them, they are so much more. Alex is such a good guy and was so easy to root for as he figures out the truth behind his magic wish. And Simon….sigh. He is just what the magic ordered. It was so much fun to see how these friends pull together and figure out how to undo the damage of their wayward spell. Made families are such a strength of Ms. Lane’s writing, and this group is no exception. The magic itself is described in beautiful detail, it is almost another character in the story.


I am really looking forward to seeing how the story arc resolves itself. The intrigue around the remaining characters is so well done that it will be a challenge to wait for the next installment!



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