REVIEW – Portals and Puppy Dogs – Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club Book 2 – Amy Lane

Portals and Puppy Dogs Book Cover Portals and Puppy Dogs
Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club Book 2
Amy Lane
MM Romance, Magic
Dreamspinner Press
Feb 16, 2021

Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club: Book Two

Sometimes love is flashier than magic.

On the surface, Alex Kennedy is unremarkable: average looks, boring accounting job, predictable crush on his handsome playboy boss, Simon Reddick.

But he’s also a witch.

Business powerhouse Simon goes for flash and glamour… most of the time. But something about Alex makes Simon wonder what’s underneath that sweet, gentle exterior.

Alex could probably dance around their attraction forever… if not for the spell gone wrong tearing apart his haunted cul-de-sac. When a portal through time and space swallows the dog he’s petsitting, only for the pampered pooch to appear in the next instant on Simon’s doorstep, Alex and Simon must confront not only the rogue magic trying to take over Alex’s coven, but the long-buried passion they’ve been harboring for each other.

Review by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is a series that should be read in order since the story line and characters go from one book to the other. If you have read book one then you know all about the seven members of the coven and the heart’s desire spell that went terribly wrong. The chaos continues and only by performing a ritual before sunrise and sunset are they able to keep things somewhat under control.

In book one we had Bartholomew and Lachlan’s story now it is Alex Kennedy and Simon Reddick’s. Alex is an accountant and the least talented when it comes to witchcraft but he does whatever he can to try to fix the mess they have gotten into. The worst thing besides snakes in the trees and squirrels marching in single file is the disappearance of two members and two good friends, Cully and Dante. The pair can be heard talking in their home and at different times one or the other appears but not in solid form. They somehow went into a portal and no one has a clue how to bring them back.

While all this craziness is going on Alex is planning on transferring to another office of his company’s which would be a five or six mile further but he can’t stay where he is because his feelings for his boss Simon Reddick is getting harder and harder every time, he sees him. An invite to lunch by Simon once again proves how two people can care for each other but come up with all kinds of excuses why it isn’t a good idea. We watched as Bartholomew and Lachlan went through the same thing but will the results be a HEA for Simon and Alex.

Of Course, Simon is rich and gorgeous and has been seen with women but does that mean that he can’t fall in love with a man even one of his employees. As Simon and Alex try to see if they are meant for each other Simon is introduced to the idea of magic and what he sees when he visits Alex at home will either make him run for the hills or make him a believer. He is at least 45 minutes away from Alex but is drawn to him when Cully and Dante’s dog who Alex is watching suddenly winds up at Simon’s door.

Is a HEA in the cards for Simon and Alex, will Simon accept the idea of magic and will the coven figure out how to fix the mistake they made with the spell that went crazy and I guarantee you will have fun finding out.Reviewed by:


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