REVIEW : Rocked by a Vampire- Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Book #3- Susan Griscom

Rocked by a Vampire Book Cover Rocked by a Vampire
Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Book #3
Susan Griscom
Witches and Wizards, Vampire Romance, Paranormal Romance
July 27, 2016

The gripping next installment in the steamy Immortal Hearts of San Francisco series.

Lane DeMarco is a broken vampire plagued by a horrific past that makes intimacy and trust impossible. His passion for playing music is the only thing satisfying enough to curb his insanity...until Vanessa shakes his life up harder than the San Francisco earthquake. She’s smart, sexy, headstrong, and his desire for her could spiral out of control…except she is a witch. The same witch who once cast a nasty spell on him.

Vanessa Creamer inherited a powerful birthright, but traumatic events in her life have shattered her confidence. Though she hides it well, she struggles daily with self-doubt and denies her deepest longings for the one man she truly wants. Her attraction to Lane, with his sultry voice and bedroom eyes, proves irresistible. All her attempts to connect with him have failed and she fears his hatred of her is as powerful and intense as her desire for him.

Passion ignites between them as they struggle with deep-seated secrets that haunt them. Can the witch he distrusts tame the destructive demons that torment him? Or will their fervid desires send him deeper into the hell he’s been living in?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is a series where each book is a standalone, but all the characters appear in each book. If you have not started this series, then I highly recommend beginning with book one, Maggie and Cian’s story and each book after covers one of the members of the rock band they all belong to.

Vanessa Creamer is Maggie’s best friend and understands everyone is a vampire including Maggie who was turned by Cian when she was killed by someone in Cian and Lane’s past. Vanessa has lusted after Lane, Cian’s twin, but their interaction with each other is filled with sarcasm and insults. Vanessa is a witch something Lane can’t accept. Rock and roll is Lane’s life but he is a tortured soul, well the jury is still out on that one, whether vampires have souls, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Lane can’t get his demons out of his head one of them we met before, their maker Jewel and when she reappeared, she brought all his demons back to the surface. Vanessa also has baggage going back to high school and Lane is the only man who seems to be able to put her past behind her. Lane wants Vanessa but as soon as he goes further than kissing, he backs away because instead of seeing the woman he has fallen for he sees the demons from his past.

Lane’s actions remind of a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey, yes, I watched it, the scene where Christian tells Anna he wants her and no go away, Lane may have seen the movie because his actions are the same. Vanessa doesn’t know where she stands, does Lane want her, if he does why does he keep pushing her away, she knows what she wants, she wants him but revealing their pasts may be the other way for them to move forward.

This is an amazing series especially for those, like me, who love vampires, what’s not to love lol. Secrets, romance, sex and I still have four more books to go. Let it snow, let it rain, let it freeze, I will be sitting with this series warm and cozy reading, no worries.

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