REVIEW : Short Story -Lobo and Faeth – The Chase – World of the Blood Coven – T.M. Smith

Lobo and Faeth-The Chase Book Cover Lobo and Faeth-The Chase
World of The Blood Coven
T. M. Smith
Paranormal Romance

"Lobo and Faeth: The Chase" is a paranormal romance short story. Lobo, a wolf Shifter,
bites off more than he can chew when he pursues a shapely, golden-haired, blue-eyed Ylve
through the woods. He believes Faeth is part of a drug ring the Scion Firebrands are anxious to
shut down. When he catches her, the wolf instantly senses his mate. Faeth is less certain. You
see, Ylves are not as impulsive as brash no-holds-barred Shifters. This short story is set in the
Blood Coven world of a soon-to-be released full-length novel, The Firebrand. It is, however,
more light-hearted than the longer paranormal romances.

Review by Linda Tonis

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This was a very short story and everything happened in the blink of an eye. Lobo is a wolf shifter and part of the warriors protecting the Scath. He has requested a transfer to be closer to his parents since his father has the aging virus and his mother needs help. His dad is confined to bed and he feels a sense of peace knowing he is near. The Northern Stronghold is seeing an increase in drugs and the mission is to find the dealers and the ones in charge.

Faeth is a Ylve, who are isolationists and tired of her parent’s bigotry and hatred for other breeds she left and is staying with her friend Ravine. While taking a walk she finds herself lost and then comes face to face with a wolf who follows her until she reached the edge of a cliff. Lobo shifts and accuses her of being a drug dealer even though he finds himself attracted to her. Thankfully Ravine appears and straightens things out.

At a bar that night Lobo and Faeth meet again, and they have no doubt that they are mates. I don’t know who or what the Scaths are and because of how short this story was I missed out on really knowing Faeth and Lobo well…. With that said I did enjoy what I read and the two main characters were wonderful My rating is not to cause concern as it was written very well and I now just need more!!!!!!

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