REVIEW : Shortbread and Shadows – Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club Book#1) – Amy Lane

Shortbread and Shadows Book Cover Shortbread and Shadows
Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club Book#1)
Amy Lane
MM Romance, Magic,
Dreamspinner Press
July 21, 2020


Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Lachlan Stephens and Bartholomew Baker have wasted two years pining for each other and neither of them made a move. Lachlan is a woodworker and Bartholomew works during the day as an IT man but his passion is baking. The two of them usually see each other at arts and crafts fairs where they always set up next to each other where while selling their wares they kept staring at each other each convinced that their feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated. Another case of a lack of communication causing time to be wasted.

Bartholomew is part of a neighborhood coven with friends and they all live in a cul-de-sac where they would get together and cast spells. Unfortunately, they cast a spell that went totally wrong, a wish spell to get their hearts desire but they all lied and the spell went crazy. Squirrels were marching in single file, starlets were flying upside down, snakes in the trees and the worst were yet to happen. When they all set up at the Fantasmagoricon Bartholomew’s baked goods caused havoc. The baked goods made everyone want Bartholomew and although sales were great, they kept mobbing him.

It was Lachlan that came to Bartholomew’s rescue leading him to the first place he thought would be safe, the ladies room. Finally, with all Hell breaking loose Lachlan and Bartholomew learned the truth, they both were crushing for each other each afraid to verbalize what they feel. All that time they could have spent with each other fear kept them apart.

Lachlan learns all about the coven and the spell responsible for the trouble they are experiencing. He readily accepts the idea of the man he cares about being involved in magic and willingly helps out because the spell needs to be eliminated while the two men want a future together.

This was a fun book and all the main and secondary characters were amazing. There is more to come and I can’t wait.


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