REVIEW: Skin Sessions- Carnal Animals#3- J.P. Jackson

Skin Sessions Book Cover Skin Sessions
Carnal Animals#3
J.P. Jackson
LGBTQ Short Reads, LGBTQ Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror
August 29, 2023

This is book #3 in the Skin Sessions series. It is strongly recommended to read them in order.

Gavin Medici, the owner of The Unicorn’s Horn, is struggling with the sudden explosion of business that the incubus, Taz-rial, has brought to the brothel. Not only is the calendar book full of impending dates but finding enough free slots to get all the clients scheduled is proving impossible. Not to mention caring for a pet ghoul, ensuring the boys are all in good health, and obtaining a contractor to do repairs to the crumbling brownstone.

Meanwhile, Denham, one of the brothel’s men, is trying to get into university. It’s a lifelong dream to get a law degree and better himself. His newfound boyfriend is going to extra lengths to help him jump through all the hoops to get admitted, but Lucas has been holding back on a secret of his own.

The constant chaos ramps up even further when attempting to secure a new business license from the city council which is dead set against allowing such a sinful den of iniquity to exist.

And then there’s Dillon and Aiden, the boys who fled when the demon appeared. They are secretly plotting to send Taz-rial back to the depths of hell where the fiend belongs and save their fellow brothel workers from the demon’s grasp.

In a world slowly being ripped apart by climate change storms and a decaying social order, will Gavin and his men, accompanied by the incubus Taz-rial survive and flourish?

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

We are now on Episode Three, in this fantasy romp in the lives of the people working and living at the Unicorn’s Horn. Gavin Medici is now stressing at all the business that is coming in nightly to his pleasure club, since he made a deal with a demon.

Having a fistful of cash on hand cash, they begin the overhaul of the building; trying to bring the brothel back to its finest days. Also the need to re submit for the cancelled business license is another problem that Taz is willing to take care of. The family is waiting to see If Denham stressing about his college application with new found boyfriend Lucas will be approved……

All seems to be going well……BUT Aiden and Dillon, who didn’t agree with Taz becoming a partner, who chose to leave might put a whole new crimp in the plans………

Can’t wait for book 4 These books are sexy, scary and great fun

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