REVIEW: Spawn – The Dark World Book #2 – Tony Paul de Vissage

The Dark World Book Cover The Dark World
Book #2
Tony Paul de Vissage
Occult, Occult Fiction, Occult Horror
Raven Tale Publishing
April 5, 2023

Robbie Chambers is now two. . . and the toddler has a problem.

Since he was born, creatures no one else can see have appeared to him. Lately, what they say is very disturbing, especially the Entity calling itself Robbie’s father.

Robbie isn’t aware he was conceived to bring beings from another dimension to Earth. He can’t understand the possessive love the Entity has for his mother, or its hatred for Dr. Daniel Walker.

Robbie loves his mom and stepdad, but “Daddy” says Dan has to die . . .

Every little boy wants his father to be proud of him.

Is Mommy about to become a widow for the second time?

Review By Sherry Perkins

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

“I doubt if you two are fugitives from justice or anything.” — Spawn

Second in the Dark World series, Spawn drags us clawing, kicking, and screaming into the consequences—both intended and unintended—from the demonic assault that had been perpetrated upon the unwitting main character of Book 1 (Chosen), Lisa Chambers. This is the kind of storytelling Tony-Paul deVissage does well. It’s creepy, violent, and filled to the brim with that most human of emotions: self-doubt. The what-ifs always make for interesting tales since it’s something all of us can appreciate and dread.

Lisa’s long list of what-ifs begins and ends with what if I’d have fallen for with Dr. Daniel Walker and not the crazed cult leader Drexl van Dorff. Now Drexl’s dead and Lisa’s got a son, an autistic toddler, named Robbie. Together, Lisa and Robbie are on the run from the people, places, and things she’d much rather forget—not to mention that she hopes will never find her son. Unfortunately, Dan gets left behind too, leaving Lisa with nothing but those what-ifs.

Lisa ends up in a New England village as far from the horrific happenings in Land’s End Island, Georgia as possible. Fortuitously, she lands a job at a small college there where they are in need of a librarian. It seems like the perfect job for Lisa. She has plenty of time to spend with Robbie once her day is done. As a bonus, the college has a department of supernatural studies, of which, her new friend (and boss) is the professor. Professor Engelhardt is more than helpful in seeing Lisa and Robbie get settled in. Until Dan shows up, that is. Then things take a delicious turn for the horrific once again because the tentacles of evil that threatened to drive Lisa mad are back. And they want Robbie.

A five-star read about what happens when your father is the conduit for the evilest of Ancient Ones, and your mother is in love with a shaman.

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