REVIEW: Love On The Potomac – New Adventures in Love Book #3 – R.J. Peterson

Love On The Potomac Book Cover Love On The Potomac
New Adventures in Love Book #3
R.J. Peterson
MM Romance,
June 7, 2022

When Kyle agreed to spend Christmas in England with family and friends, he didn’t expect to meet Jon, the attractive and sexy cousin of his Dad’s boyfriend’s BFF. But that’s exactly what happened.

A brief hook-up in England quickly turned into texts, calls, several video chats, and even a weekend together in New Mexico. Now, four months after their fateful meeting at Christmas, Jon is coming to visit Kyle in DC.

Kyle is very excited with the prospect of spending more time with Jon, but planning a fun—and romantic—time with Jon is only half the battle. Eventually Kyle will need to tell his Dad—who may have issues with the fact that Jon is thirteen years older than Kyle.

Sightseeing, a river cruise on the Potomac, figuring out how to broach the subject of an older man with Dad, and gathering support wherever he can, Kyle is doing everything he can to find love on the Potomac.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When book two ended after a Christmas celebration in England at Ben’s family home exciting things happened. Rob and Ben are now engaged, and Ben’s son Kyle met Samantha’s cousin Jon and unbeknownst to everyone Kyle and Jon found themselves attracted to each other.

Now everyone is home and Jon and Kyle want to continue seeing each other to see if there is a chance for a long-lasting relationship. Kyle lives in DC and Jon in Phoenix, so distance is a problem, but an even greater problem is Jon is thirteen years older than Kyle. Kyle and Jon are sure that they can overcome the distance, their age difference is not an issue but the big elephant in the room is how Ben will handle his son dating a man much older than him.

Before Kyle and Jon decide to reveal their relationship, they first must spend more time together to see how they really feel about each other. Texting, FaceTime, videos are fine, but Jon asks Kyle to spend a weekend with him and it was that weekend that proved they were in it for long term. Kyle is still hesitant to reveal everything to Rob and Ben, so the perfect solution is a river cruise on the Potomac. Four nights together, no job, no parents, just them.

Jon had a past relationship that has brought his confidence very low in addition to problems with his mom who is not happy that he is gay and in the next breath tells him to find someone so he can have children. Two wonderful men who found each other during Christmas and have a chance for a future if all the problems standing in their way can be overcome.

Kyle is a man who always has a plan and Jon is only too happy to go along with him. There are a lot of things standing in the way of a future for them and the outcome is not something I will reveal. I look forward to seeing where Jon and Kyle go in their relationship and the wedding of Ben and Rob.

Lots more coming in this series, a series that should definitely be read in order.

********** EXTRA********* LOVE IN THE BLUFFS….BOOK # 3.5

This is a very short story and a cross-over after Love on the Potomac and before Love in the Mediterranean. It introduces a new character Clayton Bradley and Hawthorn Bluff the next series.

Rob is driving everyone around him crazy with his constant stress over his and Ben’s upcoming wedding. As a surprise Ben takes him for two days to a B&B, the Bradley House in Hawthorn Bluff for a little R&R and hopefully gets Rob’s mind off the wedding for at least a few days.

Well, this was a little tease to introduce us to Clay and to the location of the next series Hawthorn Bluff and I for one can’t wait.


Now I will read Love in the Mediterranean, the last book in the New Adventures in Love series and finally the long-awaited wedding between Rob and Ben.


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