Review: Stitched Up Tight-Skin Sessions #5- JP Jackson

Stitched Up Tight Book Cover Stitched Up Tight
Skin Sessions #5
JP Jackson
LGBTQ Fantasy, Paranormal Erotica,, Short Reads
March 31, 2023

This is book #5 in the Skin Sessions series. It is strongly recommended to read them in order.

Scotty loves to please people and goes to extra lengths to ensure others are satisfied and fulfilled until he meets a customer in his new tailor shop who proves to be a particularly unusual visitor. When presented with a choice, Scotty has to decide whether or not he's up for the entanglement.

Grimfang discovers a problematic infestation and the lengths to which he must go to protect The Unicorn's Horn seem to be a bit hellish.

All while the brothel is inundated with customers, Beastly is too busy serving an onslaught of thirsty men, and Gavin is left hiring questionable recruits in order to meet current needs. When the brothel agreed to Taz-rial's offer, they had no idea it would lead to this.

But Taz-rial has a plan, and as the winds of change begin to signal the world's demise, can he still protect the men of The Unicorn's Horn?

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

It has been a month that I read Skin Sessions Book #5 Family life got in my way to share with you my review. I have been a fan of this series since JP Jackson offered book #1 in March of 2023 . Meeting up with Taz and the gang inhabiting a dingy old gay brothel called The Unicorns Horn has been a fantasy lovers delight.

The original cast has grown tremendously as the tired old building has now begun thriving with the quick witted new partner Taz-riel, Sir has allowed a partnership too.. Money and ideas are flowing, The old building being refurbished to the great building she was in the past.

Bursting with new storylines, sex, paranormal sex, more sex….Did I mention sex? There is always a new Happening to solve, and this story had a doozy to solve.

Try it…..

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