REVIEW : Tasting the Alien – The Ragrim Conflict- Nessa Claugh

Short Story -REVIEW : Tasting the Alien Book Cover Short Story -REVIEW : Tasting the Alien
The Ragrim Conflict
Nessa Claugh
Lesbian Romnce, LGBTQ Fiction- Short Reads
June 19, 2022

Where do humans fit on the human-alien cuisine menu?

Aliens had weird food. At least that's what Joan told herself when she went to find the four-armed alien pilot who'd helped get the stranded humans settled onto the Relief. Finding her was one thing. By the end of their meeting, she found herself with a job cooking for the humans on board, an alien sous-chef with no kitchen skills, and a crush that wouldn't go away.

This is a short story set in the RAGRIM CONFLICT series. It can be read alone but is best read after ENSNARED BY THE ALIEN MEDIC. It is a short F/F slice-of-life story that takes place in space.

Review by Xanthe

Reviewer for The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Tasting the Alien is a short story set in the Ragrim Conflict series, which I haven’t read. You can absolutely read it as a standalone, though some of the other characters and what they have been through may be more clearly understood if read after Ensnared by the Alien Medic.

Here we meet Joan, who decides to take it upon herself to start cooking for the rest of the humans onboard the ship they’re on because of how bad the food is that they’re being given. She enlists the help of Bosth, a four-armed alien on the ship’s security detail.

Though short, the two quickly grow closer as they spend time in the small kitchen and work out which foods. I found it to be sweet in the build-up and then heated once the two women took the next step. I liked how we got to interact with a couple of characters from the previous book towards the end, it made me intrigued to go back and start the series. To see how human women ended up on the spaceship of aliens. The author has created an intriguing world with different species/groups of aliens and humans having to get used to this new world they’re now a part of whilst reminiscing about the things they enjoyed in the past, like The Twilight Zone.

A very quick read but I found it enjoyable and a good way to get someone interested in the series if they haven’t read it before.

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