Review: The Flip – Linda Palmer

The Flip Book Cover The Flip
Psy Squad Book 6
Linda Palmer
Paranormal Romance
May 17, 2019

Emily Storey has just flipped her entire life: new town, new apartment, new roomie, new job. She has also gone blonde and lost some weight. What Emily hasn’t managed to do is kick other people’s random thoughts out of her head. That’s no easy feat for a psychic, especially one who has spent the last three years training to enhance her abilities, not suppress them.
Emily soon volunteers to feed the homeless one night a week, hoping she can help change other people’s lives, too. But her good intentions are annihilated when Detective Bastian Rossi, a cop who speaks at her orientation meeting, warns them all against giving rides, loaning phones, or offering shelter to the street people they’re feeding. Homelessness, he tells them, is a chronic problem that no single person can solve. All they’re supposed to do is hand out sandwiches.
In spite of all that, Emily’s first night on the street with her assigned partner goes very well until she begins intercepting random thoughts of the people they’re feeding. She quickly learns that some of them aren’t that needy while others have family willing to help out. But it’s the scattered thoughts of a mystery male presence that bother her most-- “…blonde passing out sandwiches ...thinks she’s saving lives…maybe I’ll do her next…” Is she the “blonde” and if so, what, exactly, is this creep planning to do to her?
Though Emily could easily confide in the dashing homicide detective who has somehow found a place in her heart, she hesitates. Bastian already has his hands full with a local serial killer. She can definitely take care of herself…unless the guy inside her head is actually the evil murderer he’s trying to find.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

At the age of twenty-one Emily Jai Storey had decided to flip her life like some people flip houses, new job, new town, Oklahoma City, new roommate and even a new name by dropping Emily and using Jai. She dyed her hair and with her new roommate Samantha being a nutritionist she has also changed her eating habits and lost fifteen pounds. Emily left the World Security League when the new director made her feel incompetent and although her psychic gifts would have been used in the capture of some of the countries worst criminals she is happy where she is.

Working as a Triage Assistant in a hospital Sam asks only one thing in payment for helping Emily and that is for her to get involved with the homeless something that is very near and dear to Sam. Emily agrees to go out once a week to give food and at a meeting for Feed the Street Initiative (FTSI) she meets Detective Sebastian Rossi who is laying out the rules for dealing with the homeless. Don’t give money, don’t let them use your phone, don’t tell them where you live, never give them a ride and the list went on. He did not endear himself to Emily when he questioned her ability to be there stating that you had to be at least eighteen even showing her ID he still didn’t let it go.

When she first began passing out sandwiches with the partner assigned to her it became evident that most of the volunteers were not there on their own but were doing Community Service but that wasn’t important, what was important was helping people who needed it. Detective Rossi manages to be around her when she is handing out sandwiches and becomes her private protector. He has no idea that she is psychic and can read many of the minds around her, some faking being homeless, some who actually have family and one voice talking about his next, but next what. There have been four murders thus far is that voice threatening more?

I loved Emily (Jai) who has now flipped back to her real name since it is the only one that Bastian calls her and she willing offers her help in finding the killer. I don’t know if it was because of her psychic ability or just love at first sight but Emily and Bastian were made for each other. There are changes taking place at the WSL but I will not discuss them or how it effects Emily, or if it does. If you have read any of the other books in this series then you already know you are in store for a great read if you haven’t then what are you waiting for.


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