Review: The Lethean – G.R. Lyons

The Lethean Book Cover The Lethean
Lethean Trilogy Book 1
G.R. Lyons
Historical Paranormal Romance
March 18, 2014

In an alternate 19th-century Britain, lowborn Landon Hale looks like any ordinary human, but he is so much more. He is of the Lethean — a minor race of people who can tell truth from lies, and can feel the very existence of their soul partners.

When Landon meets his partner, Miss Victoria Braddock, and realizes she’s both human and a wealthy heiress, he must struggle to balance his desire with the requirements of propriety and the need to keep his heritage a secret.

As their paths intersect with that of a serial murderer who is targeting the Lethean, lives will be at stake and truths will be revealed.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Lethean, who look human but are more, capable of reading other’s thoughts and they are soul-sharers waiting until they find their soul partner the other half of themselves. Sounds romantic and beautiful but it has a downside when one dies so does the other, the lose of half your soul is a pain unbearable to live with.

Landon Hall is a member of the security staff at Westbrook House a school for girls whose biggest benefactors have died. Victoria Braddock has come to Westbrook to wait until parent’s estate is settled and then she will become a very independent and wealthy woman, a rarity among English females. When Victoria enters the house Landon immediately knows he has found his other half only he has two strikes against him, she is human and she is way above his class.

Landon’s only hope is to get Victoria to want him the old fashioned way but he has little faith in it working. All he feels when he sees her is anger because of what he knows can never be but he has no idea that Victoria was attracted to him as soon as she saw him. Although a human can’t possible feel what a Lethean can and would not welcome death if they lost their partner he can only hope that he can have her any way possible. If he doesn’t succeed he knows that he will take his own life.

Landon’s employer Mrs. Westbrook is fully aware of what he is but she also knows how important he is to the welfare of the girls under her tutelage. Landon knows that she has an admirer in Andrew Lawrence from her parent’s solicitor’s office a man she has already turned down three times but Landon doesn’t know that, yet.

While Landon is trying to figure out his relationship with Victoria they become aware of a serial killer stabbing Lethean women to death leaving behind their dead spouses with no idea what killed them. There really isn’t a question of who is the killer even though I won’t reveal it in this review but it is someone of upper class who puts himself above others and removes those he feels do not deserve to live.

The relationship between Victoria and Landon was beautiful and the author did such a great job of bringing the reader into it. There were surprises and secrets revealed and I especially loved reading about the history of nineteenth century England, wow so pompous and righteous, you had to be practically engaged to call a person by their first name, well close.

I look forward to book two which I will start as soon as I finish this review.



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