Review: The Rogue King – Abigail Owen

The Rogue King Book Cover The Rogue King
Inferno Rising Book 1
Abigail Owen
Paranormal Romance/Dragons
Entangled: Amara
July 30, 2019

Kasia Amon is a master at hiding. Who―and what―she is makes her a mark for the entire supernatural world. Especially dragon shifters. To them, she's treasure to be taken and claimed. A golden ticket to their highest throne. But she can't stop bursting into flames, and there's a sexy dragon shifter in town hunting for her...

As a rogue dragon, Brand Astarot has spent his life in the dark, shunned by his own kind, concealing his true identity. Only his dangerous reputation ensures his survival. Delivering a phoenix to the feared Blood King will bring him one step closer to the revenge he's waited centuries to take. No way is he letting the feisty beauty get away.

But when Kasia sparks a white-hot need in him that's impossible to ignore, Brand begins to form a new plan: claim her for himself...and take back his birthright.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

For five hundred years Serafina Amon has tried to keep her and her four daughters safe from the Rotting King of the Red Clan, Pytheios. It was Pytheios who killed her mate and since she and her daughters are Phoenix’s they are worth their weight in gold. With her powers Pytheios can become the High King ruling all the dragon clans but Serafina has always been one step ahead of him until now. She knows she will die but not before she gets her daughters to safety and transfers her powers. She has prepared for this day for centuries and with her last bit of strength she was able to teleport each daughter to a different safe place. Her powers went to her eldest daughter Kasia who she managed to teleport to Alaska under the care of a Hellhound.

When Kasia began to have visions which caused her severe pain and uncontrollable use of her fire she went to a hospital for help. It was there that she met Brand Astarot posing as a private investigator promising to find her family and help her. Brand works for the Blood King Ladon Omarr and his present job is to find the Phoenix and return her to him. With a Phoenix as his mate Ladon will be able to attain the position of High King and bring peace to all the dragon clans.

Brandon under-estimated the small, beautiful Phoenix by leaving her alone for the night only to have her steal his car and run. When he finds her she finally gives in and realizes that she would only be safe with Ladon since every supernatural is searching for her. They barely get away from wolf shifters, vampires and dragons all of whom know how important she is. The connection between Brandon and Kasia is immediate, she has had visions of him for months and feels as if she already knows him. She knows that in every vision she was safe with him. Brandon is determined to bring Kasia to Ladon in order to become part of his clan.

It was Uther who killed Brandon’s entire family taking over as the King of the Gold Clan and leaving Brandon as a rogue. If he becomes part of the Blue Clan then he can have the support he needs to finally get revenge but the more time he spends around Kasia the more attached to her he becomes. When she has a vision it is Brandon who is able to take away her pain and keep her fire under control.

Kasia seduces Brandon, not very hard to do, and in spite of the fact that he feels she may be his mate his hunger for vengeance is all consuming. The wolves almost get to them twice but their reason for wanting her was a surprise and not one I am going to reveal. Finally arriving safely at the Blue Clan Kasia insists that she have time to meet and get to know Ladon, it is a known fact that when a Phoenix mates it is their choice. Trying to force a mating could lead to the man’s death.

I loved this book and I absolutely loved Kasia a character with so much spunk and courage that it was impossible not to love her. Brandon was a lost soul with a huge heart but a heart he kept hidden deep inside. There was sex, suspense, secrets and betrayals and I couldn’t put the book down. My only complaint is that I have to wait for the next book in the series which can’t come soon enough for me.


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