REVIEW : Toxic Intentions – Cozy Mystery #3 – Bill Bush

Toxic Intentions Book Cover Toxic Intentions
Halstead Mysteries Book 3
Bill Bush
Cozy Mystery, Women Sleuth
Bill Bush
Oct 14, 2021

What will be the greater challenge for Eden, working with her enemy or finding the killer?

With the afterglow of having put bully Correen Grazle in her place after solving her last case, Eden Price starts looking forward to the rest of summer. She's made friends, and Halstead finally turns back into the peaceful town it used to be.

But tragedy strikes again when a popular teacher drowns in the local swimming pool. The authorities are quick to label her death an accident, after all the pool was full of swimmers. Only Correen thinks otherwise and Eden's friends believe her, dragging reluctant Eden into an investigation.

Convinced that the dead woman hasn't been the model teacher everyone considered her, Correen and her friend persuade Eden to work together before the killer strikes again. Can they set aside their animosity before it's too late?

Review By Linda Tonis

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild

Eighteen-year-old Eden Price is still dealing with the constant appearance of the media since she was responsible for solving a murder and living in the small town of Halstead with her grandmother. If you read book two in this series then you are very familiar with everything Eden went through and this book picks up a short time later. Although I didn’t read book one or two the author did update me with what transpired previously.

Eden works at the pizza parlor which does not stop the reporters from crowding her in and out of the store. Eden’s boss is not upset because while they try to get Eden to talk about what happened they manage to eat a lot so it is a win, win for him. Eden is still trying to deal with the murder when a delivery of pizza for the town pool opening brings her face to face with another death this one a teacher who is found face down in the pool. There is no doubt this was an accident since the drowning occurred before hundreds of people, case closed, or not.

When Correen, Eden’s least favorite person and a bully comes asking Eden to investigate the drowning since she overheard something that could indicate cheating on the State Assessment Tests and could be reason for someone to commit murder Eden reluctantly agrees. With Lucas’s help they get their hands on the teacher’s computer and there is definitely something suspicious. The investigation begins and I won’t discuss what happens but once again Eden is putting herself out there and if she does solve another crime or suspected crime the media will once again park themselves on her doorstep.

As I mentioned before I did not read any of the other books in this series and so I am probably missing out on a lot, especially what brought Eden to Halstead or how she became involved in the murders.

The book was an easy read but as I mentioned it would have been more enjoyable to read the previous books…….it was hard to totally get involved with the characters or the plot.


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