Review: Trial of a Warrior – Mary Morgan

Trial of a Warrior Book Cover Trial of a Warrior
Legends of the Fenian Warriors Book 3
Mary Morgan
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
December 12, 2018

"You met them in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Now, journey to the realm of the Fae and witness their legends!"

A warrior sentenced to die.

On trial for breaking a supreme Fae law, Fenian Warrior, Liam MacGregor has no regrets. He is prepared to accept his sentence—even if it means his death. However, freedom comes in an unexpected manner, and brings with it certain dangers as he travels through the Veil of Ages.

A princess honor-bound to remain hidden.

Princess Abela might be a priestess and the daughter of royalty, but that doesn't prevent her from doing the unimaginable. She sacrifices duty and honor to set free the man who captured her heart so many years ago. No matter the severity of his crimes, she cannot let Liam die.

A rescue that will bring about a war and divide a kingdom!

In their quest to secure a treaty to forestall Liam's death sentence, they must fight their desires for one another, as well as the Fenian Warriors sent to capture them.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Liam MacGregor is a Fenian Warrior sitting in isolation awaiting his death. Liam broke one of the laws when he assisted his mentor Aidan to travel through the Veil of Ages, something totally forbidden since it risks altering the timeline. Liam has no idea how long he has been alone but when a woman appears in his cell to rescue him his first reaction is to refuse, but then he accepts her help.

Once free of his cell he realizes that his rescuer is Princess Abela the daughter of King Ansgar and Queen Nuala and his friend and fellow Fenian Warrior Conn. Now that he knows who freed him he is anxious to return so as not to put the Princess in any danger. Unfortunately this was Abela’s first attempt at travelling through the Veil of Ages and neither she nor Liam have any idea where they are or what century they are in. She wanted to return to the year 844 before the signing of the Feahan Treaty and change it so that Liam would no longer be guilty of taking someone through the Veil but doing that is no easy matter.

When Liam insists she return him to face his punishment since he no longer has his powers she explains that returning is not an option since she left the Temple of Mother Danu giving up her right to the kingdom and she would face severe punishment as well as him. With no other choice Liam and Abela set off unaware of the fact that her being in the human realm could mean her death. Only the Fenian Warriors have the ability to exist in the human realm and in time her powers will fade as well as her life force.

Conn is now the Prince and when he finds out that Liam has escaped he feels betrayed and angry, but when he discovers his rescuer was his twin sister Abela he is out of control and only wants to see Liam dead. Conn and two others, one of which is Liam’s brother Rory go after them but Abela has been able to block Conn’s connection to her, but for how long.

Liam and Abela have a history with each other and he was the first to ever kiss her, and the last, unfortunately she rejected him based on a lie told to her and now that they are together they both have to fight the attraction they feel for each other. Liam has always loved Abela and she has always loved him but their love was forbidden and never acted upon. Now that they have both been guilty of breaking laws will they finally give in to the love that has been denied.

Of course Liam and Abela’s journey is frought with danger not even counting the danger of Conn when he finds them. There is betrayal, love, surprises and secrets, everything you would expect from a good paranormal romance. The visit to the fae realm is always exciting, it is a world totally apart from the human realm and I love to visit.




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