REVIEW : Way of The Wolf: Liberty – Rebecca Anne Stewart

Way of The Wolf : Liberty Book Cover Way of The Wolf : Liberty
The Wulvers Series Book #4
Rebecca Anne Stewart
New Adult Paranormal, Werewolves and Shifters
Self Published
July 24, 2021

Aggressive, deeply erotic and wild...a wonderfully written and spellbinding shifter love story - Goodreads review

I thought leaving my pack to travel the world would ease the restlessness that has plagued me for as long as I can remember. I believed that a few months living as my wolf would tame my feral side, and then I'd return home to take my place in the pack with my family. I couldn't have been more wrong....

After a bear attack that proves just how little I know about living in the wild, the male who saves me might be able to show me the world I've been searching for all my life. His wolf calls to mine, and neither of us are capable of denying what our nature craves, but Hunter has secrets and a past that haunts his every step. Secrets that leave me in no doubt that he would rather be left alone in the wilderness.

Yet for some reason, he decides to keep me at arm's length, and takes me to a pack like no other. They don't take kindly to strangers, and they can sniff out weakness a mile away. I'll have to prove myself worthy if I want to stay amongst them, with tooth and claw. But what if Hunter's past drowns us both before I get the chance...


Review Sherry Perkins

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

“There was something else lingering amongst the midst though, another scent I couldn’t place. It was so strong that the musk clung to the back of my throat with every inhale. Yet I saw no danger, and could sense no threat.”—Way of the Wolf: Liberty

Rebecca Anne Stewart, according to her Amazon Author Page, is a musician from a long line of musicians. Genealogy is a keen interest too, which is certainly apparent in the Wulvers stories where lineage is an integral part of the tale. World building is also key to “Way of the Wolf” but it’s not a very unfamiliar world, as shifter stories go.

There is a depth to the Wulver pack history though that is best appreciated by reading the preceding novels: Ascension Book 1, Retribution Book 2, and Endeavor Book 3. However, Liberty Book 4 can certainly be considered a standalone story about a young wolf shifter coming into her own, far away from her pack and among strangers.

Fenna, like most young adults, is itching to find herself. She’s restless, anxious to travel abroad and to do it unaccompanied. As she roams, following her inner wolf instinct for exploration, she finds herself coming into the territory of unfamiliar packs—and danger.

The danger, of course, has her crossing paths with a surly male who is on a quest of his own. His name is Hunter, although she discovers he has other names and a surprisingplace within pack hierarchy. Initially, it seems as if he’s a lone wolf—a Wanderer, same as Fenna. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Hunter has a score to settle with a vicious vampire whose behavior has indelibly changed him, separating him from his true place and ultimately, from Fenna. So, if you’re a fan of star-crossed lovers, “Way of the Wolf: Liberty,” will appeal to you.

The story was interesting, the characters a bit predictable but with an unexpected twist here and there, it made me curious enough to look at Stewart’s other books. In a few spots, there were typos (you’d be surprised how often that happens after you hit the publish button) aside from the accepted UK spelling, and I had to look up the occasional regional word usage. TBH, none of that was particularly distracting for me but could be for other readers.

A three-and-a-half-star story about testing boundaries, learning what it means to be family, and discovering the true cost of revenge.


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