Vampire with a Blanket of Stars – Susan Hanniford Crowley

Vampire with a Blanket of Stars Book Cover Vampire with a Blanket of Stars
Arnhem Knights of New York Book 3
Susan Hanniford Crowley
Paranormal Romance-Vampires
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August 31, 2019

In 1938, Vampire Prince Răzvan and his companions on their way to see the king, take the snowy path into the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. In the deep woods, they find a gypsy encampment and take refuge with them for the night. His heart is lost gazing in the exotic pale blue eyes of a raven-haired beauty. Saraina and her people just want to be free and live peacefully. Meeting Prince Răzvan changes everything, first with his dire prediction and second, with his warm hands and gaze that tear of her heart.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

In 1938 Prince Razvan Forta was on his way to the king to inform him of his vision, a vision of Adolph Hitler ravaging Romania and it’s people. On his way he stopped at a gypsy camp for food and shelter for the night and it was a stop that would change his life forever. At the camp he looks into the eyes of a beautiful girl, a girl that takes his breath away and a girl he wants as his wife. The short time they have together is all it took for both him and Saraina to know they belong together. He tries to do things the human way and asks her father for her hand in marriage but is rudely turned down and things get even worse when one of the gypsy women begin shouting that he is a strigoi (vampire).

Razvan leaves the gypsy camp to see the king and is prepared to return for the woman he has fallen madly in love with only when he returns it is to find the camp empty. Razvan and Saraina have the ability to speak to each other through their minds another indication that she is his one true lifemate and they are able to share dreams together. Unfortunately fearing for his daughter’s safety her father binds her hands and feet and covers her eyes making it impossible for Razvan to know where she is. All he has of her is the blanket she weaved filled with stars, a blanket never out of his sight.

The war rages on and true to his vision and true to history Hitler destroys everything in his path and Razvan and his soldiers save as many innocent people as he can. There is no question that everyone who wants to go to his castle sanctuary are invited. Razvan and his men are fighting a war of their own to destroy as many Nazis as possible. I don’t have to go into detail of what we all know happened during WWII because it is something none of us would ever forget.

The war ends and this story takes us from 1938 to present time all while Razvan searches for Saraina. He is no longer able to speak to her because she doesn’t answer and he no longer has dreams but he can still heart her heartbeat and in spite of the fact that she would be an old woman by now he never gives up. Now is when I want to reveal everything that happened but then I would leave you nothing to discover for yourself and believe me it is worth your time and money to find out.

I loved this story and that is my very own opinion I read it in one day because I couldn’t put it down and I recommend it highly. I loved the characters especially Saraina and Razvan. It was a love story for the ages.



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