REVIEW: The Experiment: The See-Ers Series Book 4- Joanne Giacomini

Title: The Experiment Series: The See-Ers Series Book #4 Author: Joanne Giacomini Genre: Paranormal Fantasy, Paranormal Thriller, Paranormal Mystery Publisher: Independent Release Date: June 18, 2023 Format: Kinde Pages: 264 Source: Amazon Jeff and Matt are in hiding and looking for the secret headquarters where Daryl has hidden his team after closing up their other … Read more

REVIEW: Fallen – Boston Blight Book #1- E. Prybylski

Title: Fallen Series: Boston Blight Book #1 Author: E. Prybylski Genre: Paranormal Suspense, Supernatural Thriller, Urban Fantasy, Publisher: Insomnia Publishing Release Date: Jan 1, 2022 Format: Kindle Pages: 200 Source: Amazon How do you fight true evil when you have nothing? A fatal error hurls an angel from Heaven’s grace. Lost and drowning in the … Read more

Author Interview with Joanne Giacomini

Joanne Giacomini

Title: The Capture Series: The See-Ers Book 3 Author: Joanne Giacomini Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Suspense & Thrillers, Police Release Date: Nov. 22, 2022 Format: Kindle Pages: 191 pages Ella Mckinnon, a psychic see-er and FBI agent-in-training pulls off a fake kidnapping from evil see-er/FBI agent Jeffrey Von Murren. Ella hides out with the Miller … Read more

REVIEW : Lucky Us – His Dark Charms Duet Book #2 – Genevieve Jack

Title: Lucky Us Series: His Dark Charms Duet Book #2 Author: Genevieve Jack Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense Publisher: Independent Release Date: Jan 17, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 278 Source: Amazon Happily ever after is worth fighting for. Luck was on our side when Seven and I thwarted his father’s evil plan to sabotage Dragonfly … Read more

REVIEW :The Firebrand- The Blood Coven Series Book #1- T.M. Smith

Title: The Firebrand Series: The Blood Coven Series Book #1 Author: T.M. Smith Genre: Vampire Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Vampire Romance Publisher: Evernight Publishing Release Date: Jan 13, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 399 Source: Amazon Rein, a Vampire mixed breed, plunged into the abyss of bludfrenzy. With icy resolve, he crawled out to become a … Read more

REVIEW : Sedona Salvation – Sedona Pack #9 – Lisa Kessler

Title: Sedona Salvation Series: Sedona Pack #9 Author: Lisa Kessler Genre: Werewolves and Shifter Psychic Suspense Publisher: Lisa's Lair Release Date: Feb 21. 2022 Format: Kindle Pages: 204 Source: Amazon The epic conclusion to the Sedona Pack is coming, and the stakes couldn’t be higher… Jett Kendrick has one last mission: to save the Sedona … Read more

REVIEW : The Hound of the Burgerville – Book #2- E.J. Russell

Title: The Hound of the Burgervilles Series: Quest Investigations Book 2 Author: E.J. Russell Genre: A M/M Paranormal Mystery Publisher: Reality Optional Press Release Date: November 14, 2021 Format: Kindle Pages: 228 Source: Amazon This case is really going to the dogs… After I try a little off-the-books interrogation to locate my selkie almost-boyfriend’s nearly-ex-husband … Read more

REVIEW: After I Burn (Immortal Billionaires Book #4) – Melissa Sercia

Title: After I Burn Series: Immortal Billionaire Book #4 Author: Melissa Sercia Genre: Vampire Suspense, Gothic Romance, Paranormal Romance Publisher: Melissa Sercia Release Date: Oct. 5, 2021 Format: Mobi Pages: 209 Source: Amazon Brooklyn Vengeance. Destruction. Deceit. Fortune telling pays the bills. It also allows me access to the most exclusive circles in New York … Read more

REVIEW: Arthropoda – Xenia Melzer

Title: Arthropoda Series: An Andi Hayes Mystery Author: Xenia Melzer Genre: Paranormal Suspense/Police Procedural/Supernatural Thriller Publisher: DSP Publications Release Date: March 2, 2021 Pages: 274 Detective George Donavon doesn’t plan to stay in Charleston long. Skeptical and by-the-book, he’s on the fast track to the top, and he won’t let anything derail his career. Especially … Read more


Title: Gift of Secrets Series: Barrier Witch, Book Two Author: Amir Lane Genre: LGBT, Gay Fiction, Paranormal Suspense/Thriller, Witches/Wizards Publisher: Independently Published Release Date: October 11, 2019 Pages: 211 Fairuz will stop at nothing to bring her partner home. Despite orders to leave the Black Birches dryad gang alone, Detective Fairuz Arshad is determined to … Read more