RELEASE DAY REVIEW: Dealer of Secrets – The Elite Series #1- Davidson King

Dealer of Secrets Book Cover Dealer of Secrets
The Elite Series #1
Davidson King
LGBTQ Fiction, Gay Romance, Gay Ficton, Crime Thriller
May 18. 2023

If you have a secret you don’t want anyone to know, Zaire Vicario can find it. And if it’s worth something? Well, that’s currency to him. When things get desperate, the shadiest people call him in, and he makes their troubles go away with all the knowledge he’s acquired. He’s confident, powerful, and ready for anything. At least, he thinks he is. All it takes is one evening at The Anonymous and a man cloaked in lies to change Zaire’s whole world.

Carter Merrill enjoys his life healing people. As a traveling nurse, he brings light to a dark and gritty town. Until one phone call changes all he knows and all he is in the blink of an eye. Carter has never used his hands to harm, but when his twin brother is brutally murdered, he makes the decision to uncover who did it and seek revenge. The only problem is, he has no idea how to do that. When a stunning man approaches and offers to help, Carter has no other option but to walk into the lion’s den.

Deep dark lies, unrelenting lust, and dangerous liaisons thrust Zaire and Carter into treacherous territory and unfamiliar circumstances. They find their lives connecting, as well as their bodies, when one secret reveals layers of atrocities neither of them ever expected. Can they survive the savage storm ahead or are they doomed to the same fate as Carter’s brother?

Dealer of Secrets is a part of the multi-author series The Elite. Each book can be read as a standalone and in any order. What links these books together is The Anonymous, a club beneath the gritty city where only the elite are welcome.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

As you can see, I have been invested in a 9 Book Series, named The Elite Series dropping every Thursday. Some authors I am familiar with and some are new to me; But surely after this will be put on my Got To Read List for sure. The series entails a town that houses a grande hotel that houses an Elite Club for all the rich and famous underworld figures. This is where you come shop to meet a killer, a body clean up crew, Assassins, Hit Men, Thieves, and the Keeper of Secrets who sells his knowledge to the highest bidder.

Zaire Vicario is known to ferret out secrets. People will pay well to keep things hidden. His knowledge has made him rich selling these secrets for a price. That is until Carter Merrill wanders into The Anonymous Club and changes his and Zaire’s lives.

Carter is a travelling nurse, a healer. When he had been informed his twin brother has been killed, he comes into town to find out what has happened. Unbeknownst to him, his appearance at the club has alarmed many, as they are not aware his brother was a twin. He is wide open to be killed.

Attraction between the two was instantaneous and now Zaire has the Lust thing and the Protect thing going on. This steamy, hot mystery is exactly what Davidson King is known for and this was one hell of a satisfying read! I would start at book one but they are standalone…your choice!!

Again I am listing the entire list and last of the series upload dates below:

1-Reckless Roulette Alice Winters

2-Leave No Trace Michelle Frost

3- Ace of Maids KL Hiers

4- Poison Hearts Jennifer Cody

5 -Liar’s Gambit Kelly Fox

6- Dealer of Secrets Davidson King

7-Bullets and Butterflies Maz Maddox May 25, 2023

8 Love for the Reaper Charlie Cochet June 1, 2023

9- Chance Encounter Luna Davis June 8th, 2023

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