REVIEW – Marked For Grace – The Marked Book #1- K.C. Harper

Marked For Grace Book Cover Marked For Grace
The Marked Book #1
K.C. Harper
Paranormal Angels, Demons and Devils, Fantasy Futuristic Romance
City Owl Press
Mach 7, 2023

What if the dead hunted you?

As an untrained soul seer, Grace Crawford has not a damn clue what they want. But she’s about to find out.

After she finds a mark on the dead that kills the living, her quest to discover who unleashed it pivots to the half demon Gideon. She’s got her eye on him, and he’s got his on her too—every inch of her.

As the mark haunts humanity’s steps and the death tolls climb, Grace realizes she’s in way over her head. But the lines between good and evil are blurred and choosing who to trust is hard as hell, seeing as God is capable of wrath and Satan was once an angel.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

It has been four years since a car accident killed Grace Crawford’s mom and left her with the Sight. Grace can see the dead and the marks on their souls. She is a nurse and while assisting a doctor she realized that she may have revealed her secret. She was right because the doctor reported her as an unmarked and before she knew it, she was approached by Ben Jones, a marked Nephilim who brings her face to face with her worst nightmare, the Shepherds. Heaven and Hell represented by Nephilim, half-human, half angel and Lesser Demon, half-human, half demon.

Grace is a mystery because it is unheard of for someone to receive Sight as an adult. The question is which side is Grace on and that is determined by her blood is she Nephilim or demon. Ben wants her and so does his counterpart Gideon the demon but once it is determined what she is the two sides can no longer communicate with each other and after losing his last girlfriend to Gideon he is determined that Grace receive her Nephilim marks.

Grace has revealed everything to only one person her best friend and roommate Noah, he is her person. He is the one she can talk to when everything becomes overpowering, and it will only get worse. Grace overhears a conversation about a group whose aim is to destroy the Shepherds and that has to do with a mark Grace alone can see. The dead are killing the living and the only one who believes her is the one she shouldn’t trust, Gideon.

Knowing the good from evil should be a no-brainer, demons or Nephilim but it becomes clear that there is no clear answer since there are those betraying their sworn duties and a war between Heaven and Hell may come sooner than expected. Grace’s life has been turned upside down, but she is willing to accept her fate, but which fate will it turn out to be.

This is a book full of edge of your seat suspense, surprises, secrets and wonderful characters. Two men want Grace, one is always there for her, and one isn’t, and I won’t reveal if it is Gideon or Ben. I found myself glued to each page fearing I would miss something and although it ended with unsolved issues, which I usually hate, the only thing I hate is having to wait for book two. There was a betrayal that came out of left field, and I had to take a deep breath to absorb it but then it was one surprise after another.



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