REVIEW : Entwined Souls – Celestial Affairs Book #1- Clare Solomon

Entwined Souls Book Cover Entwined Souls
Celestial Affairs Book #1
Clare Solomon
Fantasy, LGBTQ Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy
Meroda Publishing
Sept 27, 2022

Falian thinks he's insignificant. He's about to discover a destiny that will affect the world. He's about to find a love that will change it.

When Falian refuses to accept a job he has been ordered to take, one that would involve hurting people, he embarks on a momentous journey to change his life. To his shock Quithlade, the Storm God, and Bymbles, a celestial imp, decide to join him.

Falian and Quithlade grow closer, but the Storm God had a previous relationship that will have a profound effect on the tentative feelings Falian is starting to have. Quithlade is irresistible, though, with a clearly undeserved reputation for untrustworthy behaviour that makes no sense. He is kind and affectionate, with extraordinary powers including the ability to shape-shift into various different creatures.

Falian thought he knew everything about the mortal world, but he's about to discover supernatural creatures he never knew existed and face worse danger than he thought possible.

Deities and mortals aren't supposed to mix; they certainly aren't meant to fall in love. Find out if Falian can get a happy ending in the first book in an epic fantasy series with an entire pantheon of deities who just can't seem to stop getting into trouble.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I always try to be honest in my reviews so when I say I was convinced this would be a book I would not like I am telling the truth. I am also telling the truth when I discovered that I not only liked this book but that I am looking forward to more.

The author has created an interesting world filled with interesting characters and this is Falian and Quithlade’s story and it was quite a story. Falian was assigned to spend his life as a warrior when he always dreamed of being a healer. Giving up being a warrior and not accepting the future assigned to him would leave him an outcast but hurting people was a fate worse than being an outcast and that was the position he took.

Leaving everything he knew behind while being yelled at and having stones thrown at him, Falian is determined to return to his childhood home and get support from his parents in his quest to be a healer. While on his journey he is shocked to find a winged horse walking beside him, he has no idea why this horse has chosen to accompany him, but the company is greatly appreciated.

Falian is soon to discover that the winged horse is actually Quithlade the Storm God, and that revelation comes thanks to Bymbles and imp who can’t keep out of trouble. Bymbles was in big trouble with the deities due to his trick of making some of their castles disappear. His punishment was to spend ten years in a room he had spent time in before only this time he got to use the secret tunnel he had dug out. When he enters the mortal world, he sees Quithlade his friend, in his disguise and lets the cat out of the bag.

Bymbles keeps trying to get Quithlade to reveal the reason he is so attached to Falian and why he came to the mortal world in the first place. A lightbulb went off in Bymbles head and he knew the answer, but it is an answer I will not reveal. The trip to Falian’s home proves perilous with creatures threatening everyone’s safety, well actually only Falian’s the others can’t die.

The story is filled with betrayal, lies, secrets, surprises and danger. An adventure from beginning to end and Falian was a character I couldn’t help but love, he put others before himself no matter the danger. This was a story of eternal love and is something that you must read for yourself to truly understand.

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