RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Perfect Match- Perfect Match Agency Springtime Book #3- Roe Horvat

Perfect Match Book Cover Perfect Match
Perfect Match Agency Springtime Book #3
Roe Horvat
Omegaverse, MMM Romance, Gay Romance, LGBTQ Romance
March 8, 2024

Finding an alpha who’d date a pregnant omega is not easy... unless Perfect Match Agency hooks you up with an alpha couple.

Gigi has been happy staying single, but he’s not keen on being a single father. Five months pregnant, after a long deliberation, he employs Perfect Match Agency to find him a stable, reliable co-parent for his kid. Instead, he's matched with an alpha couple and swept off his feet in a whirlwind of lust.

Frederick and Adrien couldn’t be more different—maybe that’s why they've stayed true to each other in a loving bond for years. They balance each other out. That balance is tipped when a gorgeous omega bursts into their life, beautiful, clever, and very much pregnant. They were hoping to find someone to start a family with. But being with Gigi becomes so much more than a carefully planned transaction.

Double Match is the third book in the Perfect Match: Springtime series. MMM mpreg romance: blind date, a pregnant omega and an alpha couple, instant lust, slow falling in love.

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

So excited this fabulous series has morphed into more!!! It was three authors Roe Horvat, MM Farmer and Wendy Rathbone originally for Perfect Match Series. Now it has grown with Amy Bellows and Anna Winehart joining the original three with Perfect Match Agency Springtime Edition.

Roe’s book is #3, having a new twist. Two happily committed Alphas Frederick and Adrien, would like to have a family. In doing so they have asked the Agency for an Omega that would match both of them; willing to be MMM family.

Gigi is an Omega who is 5 months pregnant. He joined Perfect Match Agency because he wanted a father for his baby. He became pregnant by an Alpha boyfriend who decided the job offer he got was more important than a family.

The Perfect Match Agency had never done this before, and were truly surprised when within the week, three scores over 90 per cent popped out of their computers matching the three.

Gigi was brought in after the three were notified of the amazing scores and was asked if he would help and be interviewed so that this case might help others.

All protections were made for the first meeting, because their scores being so high matching each other the threat of pheromones’ and hormones going wild would cause a problem.

As always this author takes a plot and runs with it, crafting a wonderful story line, hot hot sexy moments and a slow burn for the Omega Gigi to come to terms having two Alpha mates and how it would work. Each of the Alphas being so different yet still matched to each other as a Perfect Match.

Loved it!!!

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