REVIEW: Revelations- The Eternal Series Book #1-Lena Kelly

Revelations Book Cover Revelations
The Eternal Series Book #1
Lena Kelly
Paranormal, Demons, Devils, Angels, Vampires
Seawitch Press
July 9, 2019 first edition

Meeting the sexy and mysterious Lord Ios at a masquerade ball in Dublin, leads to the opening of a door to another world. Selene soon finds herself at the heart of an ancient prophecy, and hunted by one of the most lethal demon goddesses of all time, Lilith.

Ios disappears back in time, seeking both the prophecy, and the ancient witch whom he hopes can help them. Selene tries to move forward in her own life, not knowing when Ios might return, not sure if she loves him, nor if Lilith will attempt to harm her to fulfil the prophecy.

A story that entwines time travel, angels and demons, mythical Greek history, mixes the multiversal trine of creation stories into our current time. Emotional, some humour, depth of relationships, and challenges the concepts of good and evil.

REVELATION is the first book in the Eternal Series, a steamy paranormal romance and contemporary fantasy series featuring sexy and powerful demons, strong witches, and newly born eternals. If you are drawn to forbidden romance, dark magic, strong characters and a good story, you will love this.
Ritual and Pyre follow Ios and Selene in the series.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The first word I would use for this book is WOW. This is a series that must be read in order when there is so much going on, so it is necessary to start from the beginning. Angels, demons, eternals, vampires and one human named Selene who gets introduced to a world she never knew existed and learns who she really is.

Selene left Canada to attend The Parkwood College in pursuit of her goal to become a chiropractor leaving behind her boyfriend Jon of almost three years. Despite Jon’s pleas for her to stay she felt a pull toward the college she couldn’t refuse. She found a job, a place to live and every day is busy. When Christmas break finally arrived, she decided to travel to Dublin and that is where her introduction to a different world started.

A visit to a chiropractor, Anna Jane led her to an invite to a masquerade ball which she happily accepted, unfortunately, Anna Jane left out important details the host was a vampire. When the host, Ydris invited her to tour the home she willingly went but found herself in a room with naked people and Ydris taking her hand leading to the hot tub. He is a vampire, and his intentions were evil, but she didn’t run, just one of many times she walked willingly into danger.

She was saved by Ios, the Lord of Chaos who threatened anyone who harmed Selene. She had no idea who saved her, but it wouldn’t take long before everything was revealed. Returning to school after the break, she wondered if her and Jon’s relationship would last, he was away where there was no means of communication so her first year was lonely, the following year although lonely would prove to be heartbreaking.

Little by little Selene learns what most of the people around her knew including her brother, she is not human, but the question is what exactly she is, is she an eternal-immortal which is rare and could put her in danger. The danger would come from Lilith, one of the most lethal demon goddesses of all time dating back to the Garden of Eden.

Lilith manages to separate Jon and Selene for good now her purpose is to get Selene under her control. Selene still doesn’t know what she really is or what she is capable of and is totally unaware that she is part of a prophecy. Ios does his best to protect her while realizing that he is falling in love. Demons have sex they don’t do emotion and Ios is thousands of years old, and it has never happened to him before so nor more than ever protecting Selene is imperative.

There are many characters in this book, and some play a role of good while others evil but all of them are involved one way or another in Selene’s life. Surprises, secrets, many secrets and a woman who is trying to survive it all while also trying to finish college. The book ends leaving many questions unanswered, but I have no fear book two is here.

I began my review with WOW and have no doubt that will be my beginning of book two which I can’t recommend his series highly enough.

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