Review: A Crown of Iron & Silver – Hailey Turner

A Crown of Iron & Silver Book Cover A Crown of Iron & Silver
Soulbound Book 3
Hailey Turner
MM Paranormal Urban Fantasy and Romance
September 10, 2019

Never promise a life that isn’t yours to give.

New York City is decked out for the holidays, and Special Agent Patrick Collins is looking forward to a reunion with his old team when he gets assigned a new case. A human child is missing, and the changeling left in her place causes a prominent witch family to demand justice from the fae.

Meanwhile, continued harassment from the New York City god pack forces Jonothon de Vere to formally establish his own with Patrick. Doing so will mean a civil war within the werecreature community—a war they risk losing from the start without alliances. Making bargains with the fae is never wise, but Patrick and Jono have nothing to lose when a fae lord comes asking for their help.

The Summer Lady has been kidnapped from the Seelie Court, and if they can find her, Patrick and Jono will cement an alliance with the fae. But the clues to her disappearance are found in Tír na nÓg, and the Otherworld has never been kind to mortals.

Venturing past the veil, Patrick and Jono risk losing territory, time, and their very lives while searching for answers. Because the Queen of Air and Darkness knows they are coming—and the ruler of the Unseelie Court has an offer for them they can’t possibly refuse.

A Crown of Iron & Silver is a 107k word m/m urban fantasy with a gay romantic subplot and a HFN ending. It is a direct sequel to All Souls Near & Nigh. Reading the prior books in the series would be helpful in enjoying this one.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Fans of the Soulbound series are in for another great story with all the characters we have grown to love (and hate) plus new paranormal creatures and adventures for our intrepid duo. Yes, Patrick and Jono are continuing to battle the forces that are trying to tear them apart, both figuratively and literally. I Love This World!!! I thought Patrick and Jono were my favorite parts of this story. And yes they are amazing, but WADE!!! There is something about that bottomless pit of hungry dragon that tugs at my heartstrings. I can’t walk past the Pop-Tart section of the grocery store now without giggling. I am starting to get strange looks from the store employees, and I totally blame Hailey Turner for creating such an adorable character.

Never fear, in true Turner fashion, she puts these guys through the wringer yet again. They are truly both coming into their own in regards to their gods chosen selves, and in regards to their growing relationship. The juxtaposition of the chaos of their lives with the stability of their connection to each other was so satisfying in this latest edition of the Soulbound series. Patrick’s father is still an evil presence in this latest adventure. This latest volume is a great addition to the series, and I am very much looking forward to the next one. And I’m stocking up on Wade snacks just in case!

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