Black Water Magic Book Cover Black Water Magic
A Teagan Blackwater Urban Fantasy Novel
Leslie Scott
Paranormal Psychological Shifter/Witches Suspense Thriller
Leslie Scott Fantasy
February 18, 2021

My life just got way more complicated.

A murder. A ghost. A curse. Teagan Blackwater's life just got way more complicated. Firewater Springs is a small town, and every one of its residents seems to have secret. As the new Swamp Witch of Firewater Springs it's Teagan's job to unravel them. Is she up to the task?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Teagan Blackwater is a witch living in Florida who was convinced that her affair with Colby Jacobson, a demi-demon and President of the Northmen Motorcycle Club, was a deep dark secret but like most secrets people soon find out and they did. Coming home after being with Colby she discovers her grandmother Nola, The Swamp Witch of Florida lying dead. Nola is a powerful witch so it would take someone with immense power to kill her the way they did.

Teagan is now the new Swamp Witch of Firewater Spring, a town filled with secrets and now it is her responsibility to protect everyone. Using magic she is able to make her grandmother disappear so it is presumed she is a missing person and that is what she tells Sean Carmack the Deputy Chief and also her eighth grade crush. Sean is one of those with a secret but Teagan has no idea what it is and he has no idea about all of hers.

Nola raised Teagan when her mother left her in her care without looking back once. Her mother didn’t have a maternal bone in her body and leaving her with Nola was the one good thing she did for her daughter. Now the search for Nola’s murderer is all Teagan is concerned with and she won’t stop until he or she is caught.

Nola owns property and one of them is the Crazy Eight Mobile Home Park where she and Teagan live. A visit to a small strip mall that Nola owned accompanied by her best friend Oliver only brings them face to face with a ghost and a curse that keeps her from moving on. Now Teagan is determined to find a way to break the curse, something Nola was unable to do. This curse will bring her closer to her grandmother’s killer.

Teagan is just coming into her powers and questions her ability to take over for Nola but she has no choice. Nola has kept secrets from her, Colby has kept secrets from her and the secrets just pile on top of each other. The one person who stands by her no matter what is Oliver, a witch but on the darker side and who dresses in clothing that would rival the billboards in Vegas.

Teagan is a wonderful character and I loved Oliver, well Colby wasn’t too bad either but what chance is there for a witch and a demi-demon. The people of Crazy Eight rally around Teagan and are a wonderful bunch. The ending was an eye opener which I won’t reveal but although it is not a classic cliffhanger it does let you know that there is much more to learn about Teagan and her friends and I for one can’t wait.

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