Review: Blaize and the Maven – Ellen Bard

Blaize and the Maven Book Cover Blaize and the Maven
The Energetics Book 1
Ellen Bard
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Parchment Publishing
October 6, 2015

What happens when you're caught up in someone else's prophecy?

An irritating, sexy and annoyingly smart someone?

Blaize is getting mixed signals.

She's been ordered to Canada to be trained in her second energy, Ajna, or the Mind, by an expert Maven, Cuinn.

He's mysterious, and clearly hiding things from her.

Yet at the same time, there's a certain spark between them, despite the fact they instantly drive each other crazy.

And Blaize loves a fire...

She's a powerful energetic, if a little inexperienced - and a little impetuous.

Cuinn is stuck in his ways, stuck in his work, and never takes a risk if he can help it.

At first their Maven-Adherent partnership seems normal, but when Cuinn's doom-laden dreams start to include Blaize, their relationship takes on a new importance, both personally and for their people.

That's if the secrets both of them are hiding don't destroy their partnership, their relationship, perhaps even their world - before it's truly begun.

Will they trust each other before it's too late?

Reviewed by: Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I was not sure what this book was really going to be about but it was interesting at the start but I could tell from the listing of all the different areas and skill that it might get confusing along the way but really it was not but the world building seemed to take up too much and got a bit boring around the middle but once the action started it was very addicting.

First we have to get to the part where Cuinn and Blaize don’t kind of hate each other a bit . There was a bit of insta-love but not anything overwhelming but it was there so some of the romance is skipped over a bit.

The action and the secondary bad guy/girl were not that scary but our heroine had a bad case of TSTL but at least she would own up to it after she had screwed things up. The romance angle was really done lightly and the action was more of the story other than the world building and the introduction of some secondary characters that future books will revolve around.

All things considered I was not that impressed with the book as a whole until we got to around the last 25% when it got a lot more interesting and the action picked up and some real emotion was evident. I give it 4 Stars but it was a near thing but I did enjoy the ending and of course we don’t know who the Big Bad is but looked like a hint makes me curious but I doubt we will find out for several more books. There are 6 couples laid out in the “prophesy” that this series will revolve around and this was couple 1.

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