REVIEW: Blood Rogue – Linda J. Parisi

Blood Rogue Book Cover Blood Rogue
Blood Rogue Book One
Linda J. Parisi
Paranormal Romance-Vampires
City Owl Press
September 8, 2020

There is the blood and can only ever be the blood. So, how will love survive in a world of pain?

Vampire Charles Tower never knew anything sweeter than the taste of Stacy Morgan’s lips.

He never imagined anything crueler than her being marked for death by the only father he’s ever known.

Mikhail reared him. Taught him how to survive. Now he’s gone rogue and it’s up to Charles to put the man down.

But can he convince himself, and Stacy, that love between them is impossible?

That’s hard to do with a woman like her, especially when she offers herself up as bait.

Now they must fight against the centuries-old customs that bar them from being together and the rogue vampire who wants every last drop of Stacy’s blood.

If you like Richelle Mead, Ilona Andrews, or K.F. Breene, you’ll love this vampire paranormal romance!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Stacy Morgan was having a fun night with her two friends when a handsome man, Charles (Chaz) Tower approached them. He was sophisticated, offered to buy them drinks and offered to take Stacy out to dinner, an invitation she accepted. Everything was normal but it would turn into a nightmare because Chaz is a vampire and after tasting Stacy’s blood and erasing her memory of their meeting everything should have gone on as before, but it didn’t.


Stacy remembers nothing of her night with Chaz until she is attacked by a rogue vampire, as a cop she thinks her gun will save her but she is entering the “Twilight Zone” where vampires are real not the ones we see on TV and in movies. This rogue is deadly and will not stop till he has Stacy’s blood. It is Chaz who saves her and when another try at erasing her memory fails he has to protect her from the rogue who was once the man he called mentor and father.


Stacy is a forensic chemist and specialist in blood bank so her knowledge could be the very thing needed to get answers as to why vampires are turning rogue and if it is being caused by someone building a rogue vampire army. There are a few problems, well actually more than a few, keeping her alive and keeping her from being killed by the rogue or the Vampire Council determined to keep humans from discovering them and Stacy is very human.


Stacy is a very strong willed woman whose life has always been in protecting others and even vampires need protecting. She is determined to use herself as bait and finding a cure for the rogues while Chaz is trying to keep her out of everything. The more he tries the more she is determined to do her own thing with or without help, brave but stupid. What chance does she have against a monster when a gun won’t work and he is much stronger, a lesson she will have to learn for herself.


Stacy and Chaz under normal circumstances would have a loving relationship but that is not something he is willing to allow. He openly admits that his first love will always be blood and there is always a possibility that he could drain her one day if he isn’t careful. Chaz has to deal with a woman he is falling for who is constantly putting herself in danger and Stacy is trying to convince him that she trusts him and that he doesn’t see himself as she does.


I love paranormal romances especially those involving vampires and this book hit the mark, amazing characters, suspense and the mystery behind the rogues. I loved every second of the book and read it in one sitting, now all I have to do is wait for the next book in the series which hopefully won’t be too long.

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