REVIEW: Her Blue-Jeaned Demon and Other Quirky Romances – Icy Snow Blackstone

Her Blue-Jeaned Demon and Other Quirky Romances Book Cover Her Blue-Jeaned Demon and Other Quirky Romances
Icy Snow Blackstone
Paranormal Romance-occult horror
Wordwooze Publishing
September 30, 2020


Katy yearns for the ultimate bad boy, and the Devil grants her wish…sort of.

Can a monumental underachiever of a demon and a “good girl” find true love?
Lisa helps an old gypsy woman and is given a black cat and a wish charm that works…at the wrong moment.

Who knew Tomas the Cat had an agenda of his own?
When her android lover’s brain is stolen, Lena Powell hires would-be rival Luc Kai’leel to find it.

Can Luc convince Lena that a living man is better than a “perfect” artificial one?
Gabriel Marsh is a Federation agent with a dilemma. His partner can change sex at will, and Gabriel’s fallen in love with his “other half.”

What do you do when the girl of your dreams is also the man from your waking life?


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Her Blue-Jeaned Demon: 5*****Stars

This was a fun read at a time when we all need some fun in our lives. Katherine (Kate) Carter’s life has become boring and predictable. Movie and dinner with friends, Saturday alone cleaning so she finally wants to break away from the mold and summons Satan to send her a bad, bad boy. Well Satan does just that he sends Zel an incubus and the fun begins. Zel has failed for thousands of years and this is his last chance to prove himself. Poor Zel never seems to get past the bedroom door before he is sent away. I will not go into what happens with Zel and Kate because I don’t want to take away the fun you will have reading it.


Love Comes on Little Cat Feet: 5*****Stars

One good deed and one act of defiance will change lives. Lisa Carpenter saw an old gypsy woman being pushed to the ground and her groceries taken away by the store owner. In spite of the fact that the woman insisted she had a receipt the store owner was taking her food and Lisa was not about to let that happen. She paid for the groceries and drove the woman home where she met her two grandsons and her cat Tomas. As a thank you the old woman gave her a magic charm good for one wish. Arriving home she found the cat and the old lady was gone. Tomas makes himself right at home I am sure you can guess what happens but guess away because I won’t reveal anything.


Love and Adler’s Brain: 5*****Stars

Luc Kai’Leel is an investigator from war torn Felida and when a woman, Rena Powell comes to him to find her fiance’s brain he is one step away from calling the mental hospital. As she begins her story of the love she and Marcus shared and that he was an android and the Federation’s ultimate killer on his way to resign before his car blew up. Agents immediately took his brain since he was a prototype that they would recreate. Time is running out before Marcus’ brain reveals all his secrets. Luc willingly takes the assignment hoping that he can convince Rena that a live man is better than a factory built one but her love is stronger than Luc’s pleas. A beautiful story with an unexpected ending that left me very satisfied.


Marsh Versus Man, The Revised Alternate Version: 5*****Stars

Gabriel Marsh has been assigned a new partner, Aleksandr (Lexei) Karanov, a man just over five feet and a man who looks like a child. Marsh can see no happy ending with this man as his partner and things go from bad to worse when he discovers Lexei is a variant able to switch from male to female in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t take long before Marsh discovers that this small man can really pack a wallop because he beats Marsh every time. It is his other half Deidre that Marsh finds himself falling for but Lexei will never allow any man near her. Deidre seems content with her life until Marsh introduces her to what could be. What could be is not for me to say but the ending took me by surprise.


This anthology was amazing and the first time I have read a book with various stories and loved them all. Sex, surprises, sci-fi and romance, I am sure you will love it as much as I did.

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