Review: Charming Marjani – Rebecca Rivard

Charming Marjani Book Cover Charming Marjani
The Fada Shapeshifter Series Book 5
Rebecca Rivard
Paranormal Romance
Wild Hearts Press
January 2, 2019

Marjani Savonett is the strong, silent second-in-command to her alpha brother. She's seen too much death, lived through too much darkness. Now her cat threatens to take over, leaving her a cougar in a human body. But before it does, she undertakes one last mission to Iceland.

Fane Morningstar holds a prestigious position as one of the ice fae king’s envoys. But the fae never let him forget he’s not a pureblood. Then he meets Marjani and everything he thought he wanted gets turned on its head. He’d sell his soul for a night with her.

Unfortunately, he just might have to...

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I first fell in love with this series when I read Saving Jace and after reading this book about Marjani (Jani) and Fane I not only still love the series I actually love it more.

Marjani is a cougar who has been dealing with the effect of the darktimes but also the savage gang rape instigated by her cousin Corban. When Jani’s brother Adric overthrew Corban’s father and became the alpha of the Baltimore Earth Fada clan Corban wanted revenge and Jani was how he went about it, he would hurt Adric and his sister who was his second.

When a message arrives from Corban requesting Adric meet him in Reykjavik, Iceland Marjani takes it upon herself to go in his stead. She knew that going into the Ice Fae territory could be a suicide mission but there was no way she would allow Adric to go. Since her assault she has been living in her animal form more than her human form and she knows that she is going feral more and more each day the only thing left for her to do is kill Corban who will never stop until Adric is dead and protect the brother she loves.

Fane Morningstar recognizes Marjani as soon as she arrives, he is King Sindre’s envoy and it is his job to watch her. Fane has a connection with the Baltimore Earth Fada since his daughter Evie is mate-bonded to Jace. Fane is a wayfarer meaning he has speed and the ability to blend into his surroundings making him invisible to those around him. It was that gift he used when he attended Evie’s mate-bonding ceremony and first saw Marjani.

When Jani manages to get entrance into the Ice Fae king’s castle it is Fane who comes to her rescue, keeping her away from the king and advising her of what happened to Corban. He hides her in his room and promises that he will get her out of the castle and back to safety but promises are just words and can easily be broken. The king is aware of Jani and he wants her and she has no idea what he is capable of. His magic is unlike anything she could ever have imagined and saving herself could prove impossible.

There is an attraction between Fane and Jani but it is an attraction that can’t be pursued. How the king discovered Marjani was in the castle and who she eventually has to turn to for help is not something I will reveal in this review. I will say that there is torture, sex, betrayal, goblins and evil fae who see Fada as merely animals to be used as servants.

There is a lot happening in this book and it kept me glued to it from the first page and as much as I would like to tell all, I won’t. This is a series I highly recommend and I can’t wait for the next book in the series. If you haven’t read the entire series it is not a problem since I only started this series with book number four and had no trouble picking up the story.



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