REVIEW: Christmas Magic – Cat’s Paw Cove #23 – Catherine Kean

Christmas Magic (Cat's Paw Cove #23) Book Cover Christmas Magic (Cat's Paw Cove #23)
Black Cat Antiquities Book #2
Catherine Kean
Paranormal Romance
CPC Publishing

Will cursed cookies poison their magical Christmas?

Molly Hendrickson is looking forward to a happy holiday with her fiancé, Lucian Lord, manager of Black Cat Antiquities. A sorcerer and reincarnated knight from the Middle Ages, Lucian protects Cat’s Paw Cove from evil magic and is teaching Molly how to use her newfound abilities—because even in the festive season, their enemies, The Dealers, could strike again.

The Dealers are indeed plotting, because together, Lucian and Molly could pose too big a threat. Hoping to split up the couple for good, The Dealers use the town's amorous cougar and a batch of enchanted holiday cookies to lure Lucian away from Molly.

Has Molly lost Lucian forever? Or will she be able to break the spell so she and Lucian can get the happily ever after they deserve?

***CHRISTMAS MAGIC is the sequel to Catherine Kean's book HOT MAGIC***



Well, I get another visit to Cat’s Paw Cove filled with magical cats and I get to learn what is happening with Molly Hendricksen and her new fiancé Lucian Lord. We first met Molly and Lucian in book one, Hot Magic, which I highly recommend you read first. Although the author does a wonderful job of bringing you up to date on what previously happened there is nothing like reading it for yourself.

Lucian and Molly are both working for the Experts helping protect humankind from evil magic and working to stop the Dealers those determined to take over the world using black magic from gaining any ground in their endeavors. Lucian a reincarnated knight from the Middle Ages works at the Black Cat Antiquities an antique store keeping the Dealers from causing trouble especially now that it is the Christmas season. In addition to keeping Cat ’s Paw safe he is responsible for teaching Molly how to use her magic. There is no doubt that once Molly is in full possession of her powers, she will be very powerful.

Everything is going great; Molly and Lucian are planning their wedding the store is busy and the cats are happy. Okay if you haven’t read book one then I will explain that the cats are not ordinary cats but Sherwood cats with the ability to speak. There are five of them four females and one lusty male, Galahad, Lucian’s squire from the Middle Ages destined to always be a cat thanks to a curse. He is absolutely my favorite character he was turned at the age of fifteen and is still a teenager in thoughts and deeds.

Trouble comes in the form of a Dealer with new abilities, able to go unnoticed by Molly and Lucian and in full knowledge of how to separate Molly and Lucian so that their powers can never be united as one. Love is the true magic, and their love is truly magical and needs to end and Dennis Crow knows who to use to get what he wants.

Cora, the town cougar wants Lucian and Dennis uses her love of baking to arm her with magical sprinkles that will make Lucian fall madly in love with her. Cora doesn’t even consider what harm she can do but uses the sprinkles which work perfectly. Lucian is in love with Cora and only thinks of Molly as someone he works with and shares a house with, no love for her whatsoever.

I don’t want to go any further for fear of giving anything away but I will say this book is filled with magic, romance and the most amazing cats, I want one lol. Reading this series is worth it just to listen to what comes out of Galahad’s mouth, he is really a hoot.



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