RELEASE DAY REVIEW: The Magician’s Soul – Linda G. Hill

The Magician's Soul Book Cover The Magician's Soul
The Great Dagmaru #3
Linda G Hill
Gothic PNR
Cardinal Rose Publications

With the disastrous end to their magic show tour behind them, Herman and Stephen devote themselves to a life of domestic bliss and wedding plans. But when a mysterious visitor and recurring nightmares interfere with their happy existence, Herman’s history of prophetic dreams plunges them both into a world of doubt.

As they set out to perform onstage, Herman’s meeting with Mona Lisa, her father’s alter ego, is overshadowed by another reunion. Her cousin, Rudy, vows to help her come to grips with her family’s own bloodline.

But Stephen is wary of letting the new succubus into their lives as he wrestles with his own demon. Will giving in to her charms be his gravest mistake yet?

Thrilling and at times heartbreaking, the third and final book in the award-winning The Great Dagmaru series is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the third and final book in this series and should definitely be read in order. Magic, succubus, incubus, sex, suspense, surprises, secrets and much more so all I can say is WOW

If you have already read book one and two then you know most of the characters, like I said if you haven’t begun this series then stop reading this review and pick up book one The Magician’s Curse and begin the journey into the life of Stephen Dagmaru and all the people that affect his life for good or bad.

Stephen and Herman have returned home to plan for their wedding but her nightmares and her introduction to her father’s alter ego, Mona Lisa may put a damper on the happy occasion. Add in the fact that Herman’s cousin Rudy has arrived with the intention of teaching Herman everything she needs to know about being a Succubus. Stephen sees through Rudy but Herman’s hunger for family keeps him from revealing the fact that Rudy is doing everything in her power to seduce him. It was Rudy’s appearance that gave this book the wow factor and kept me from putting it down.

It is only because of the incubus living inside Stephen that he is able to resist Rudy and it is a constant struggle. Rudy’s powers as a succubus are very strong and few, male or female can resist her. While Stephen distrusts Rudy, Herman eagerly embraces her and is eager to learn anything she can from a cousin she sees as loving and caring.

In addition to Rudy, we get to know Mona Lisa better and get a better understanding of her and her other half George. We are taken on a non-stop ride from beginning to end as Rudy incorporates herself into Herman and Stephen’s lives but for fear of giving anything away, I will say no more.

Although I was thrilled to finally get to read the last book in the series, I was equally sad that it was the end. All three books are now available and as I said before all three of them of filled to the brim with magic, secrets and good and evil.




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