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Derelict Book Cover Derelict
Mark All
Horor, Sci fi
May 8, 2022

If you find alien technology … don’t turn it on.

Beyond the farthest reaches of explored space, survey ship Cerberus arrives at an unclaimed planet to find a deserted vessel already in orbit. When newly commissioned captain Janet Hollander leads a team to the derelict, they find an ancient alien artifact on board.

As her own crew members begin to disappear, Hollander learns that neither the ghost ship nor the planet are as lifeless as they appear. She must survive long enough to find out what happened to the derelict—before she and her crew suffer the same fate.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When I received this book to read and review, I was not a happy camper because sci-fi is my least favorite genre in books although I love sci-fi movies. Surprisingly this book kept me on the edge of my seat and I have no doubt that if you are a sci-fi fan, you will absolutely love it. I love sci-fi movies because I am someone who needs to see everything that is happening visually only this book on the big screen would leave me with nightmares that is how scary and exciting it was.

Survey ship Cerberus and her captain Janet Hollander are exploring planets hoping to find one capable of being colonized or have minerals but what they discover is a planet with absolutely no worth and another exploration vessel, the Vanguard dead in space. The derelict ship is in orbit over the planet and there is a life form registering but there doesn’t appear to be any crew alive. Refusing to leave without finding out if the life form, they are registering is a crew member in need of help Holland takes a team to explore the Vanguard in spite of the warnings from some of her crew.

Holland decided to go against the warnings and explore the derelict ship only to discover that there is no one alive and the only thing of interest is what appears to be an alien artifact. Another warning from her team not to play around with things that they know nothing about is disregarded and like so often happens we humans stick our noses where they don’t belong and, in this case, it brought about unbelievable horrors.

When I saw Alien, I had my eyes closed half the time unfortunately I couldn’t do that while reading this book but have no doubt if this book is ever put on the big screen even knowing what is going to happen, I will definitely have my eyes closed because in my opinion this would be scarier. None stop excitement but my only problem was how descriptive the book was but it would be a true sci-fi lover’s delight.

I highly recommend this book but don’t read it in the dark.

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