REVIEW : Destiny’s Rogue – Blood Rogue Book #3- Linda J. Parisi

Destiny's Rogue Book Cover Destiny's Rogue
Blood Rogue Book #3
Linda J. Parisi
Paranormal, Vampire Romance, Witches and Wizards, Vampires
City Owl Press
Sept 6, 2022

Vampire queen Samira Anai Se-Bat would do anything for her family—even make promises to a clever scientist.

When Samira turns Cordell Stuart into a vampire, it comes with a promise to help find and protect his daughter Kayla.

But the queen wants something in return: a cure for Nirvana, the drug being used to create deadly vampire rogues.

Cord stumbled on Nirvana while trying to save Kayla’s life. He never thought his research would create an army of deadly rogue vampires. Now he is caught between his promise to save a race he neither trusts nor understands, and the need to find and save his daughter.

With Samira’s murderous brother, Antu, pitting vampire factions against each other, war is brewing, and Samira is caught between her promise to save Kay and her need to protect her people. But a vision shows both thrones blending into one until they are no more.

If Sam follows the vision and sacrifices herself, will Antu subjugate the world?

In a race against time and destiny, Sam and Cord discover what they must to do. But the cost will be their new found love—and their lives.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the final book in a must-read series and though thrilled to finally have all questions answered sad because I will miss all the amazing characters, I have met. This is the story of Samira and scientist Cordell Stuart and it is quite a story.

Vampire queen Samira Anal Se-Bat has existed since the beginning when the Mother and Father bestowed the gift on them and she has spent her existence protecting humans and vampires.

Antu, her blood brother, ex-lover and mate is determined to rule all humans and vampires and unable to reason with him she managed to encase him in the very memorial he built for himself. Now she has discovered that he escaped and has only one thing on his mind, revenge against Samira. With him free everyone is in danger.

Dr. Cordell Stuart is the man responsible for creating the drug and poison called Nirvana. Nirvana turns vampires into rogues and Antu is turning them as fast as he can creating an army of monsters. In his desire to save his daughter Kayla dying from Mitochondrial Disease he created Nirvana blind to the destruction it was causing. In an attempt to convince Cordell to find an antidote she found him in the arms of Antu who is draining him of blood. Still alive Samira has a choice, her entire life has been making one choice after another and this one would mean turning the scientist.

Cordell asks for death but how can she allow him to die when he is the one who can save the vampires from becoming rogues because. Now he finds himself a vampire with a desire for blood eating his insides. Samira tries to tell him he has free will and if he doesn’t learn to control his hunger he will be lost and so will his daughter. Cord fights and tries to connect with the human he was and makes a deal, antidote and then death. War is coming and an antidote seems to be out of reach. When Kayla is taken by Antu and used as a pawn Cord’s desire to save her kicks in and he accepts who he is and knows what he has to do.

While preparing for Antu’s final blow Samira and Cord form a bond, a bond she knows will be short lived because she will give her life to save everyone. Rogue vampires to save and a war to win and it all comes to a conclusion, but a conclusion I will not reveal. If you love paranormal romance, vampires, romance and amazing characters look no further because this series has it all and more.




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