Devil Forget Me Book Cover Devil Forget Me
A Demon Huntress Novel, Book 5
Karilyn Bentley
Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Horror
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
April 1, 2019

What appears to be a simple crime, unmasks a chilling deception...

Gin Crawford, the world's newest demon huntress, kills two minions who are breaking into a financial adviser's office. But what she thinks of as another night in the life of a demon huntress leads to a cover-up of epic proportions. A demon haunts her employer, the Agency, and only she can stop it.

Aidan Smythe, her guardian mage and lover, along with her brother T, and the healer Eloise, join her search in discovering the demon's identity. A search thwarted by a powerful spell.

Breaking the spell requires her to join forces with Zagan, the demon of deceit, the demon who marked her as his. But working together comes with a price. One Gin is not sure she can pay.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the final book in the series and all questions are answered. Gin Crawford and her mentor and lover Aidan Smythe are investigating the Agency and what they find leads to a lot of betrayal and illegal use of the mages and Justitian’s who always believed that what they did was protect the innocent. Now the belief is that there is a demon hiding within the Agency and finding him leads nowhere. Every time that T gets information from a ghost and reveals the name to Aidan and Gin it is instantly forgotten. No doubt the demon they are seeking is very powerful and has placed a forget me spell that only another demon can break.

We discover what Eloise, the Agency healer really is and it is something I won’t reveal. We discover the deep dark secret that Gin and T have kept between themselves and have sworn to never tell another human being but Gin reveals all to Smythe even though she has no idea what he will do with the information. She knows that for their relationship to survive there must be trust and in the past she has lied to him and is still trying to make up for past mistakes.

Gin believes that Aidan’s father David and Samantha the mage that tried to have her killed are working with the demon but first and foremost they have to finally discover who the demon is and to do that Gin has no choice but to ask Zagan for help. Zagan wants to rule Hell and helping get rid of another demon who would stand in his way is to his benefit. Of course Smythe is not happy about the situation but realizes that with his help they have a chance of discovering the demon and destroying him.

The characters are wonderful and the relationship between Eloise and T and Smythe and Gin have come full circle. There is betrayal, lies and an Agency is total disorder. Who is the demon and who is willingly following him? Is anyone in the Agency outside of the demon’s control? Can Gin finally get Zagan’s mark off her neck and get him out of her life for good? My favorite character was the bracelet itself who now talks to Gin and holds nothing back.

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